Big Thompson and Horsetooth update – 11-1-11

Hi all,

As our maintenance work continues into November, folks along the river and Horsetooth Reservoir have likely noticed a few more changes.

After releases from Olympus Dam to the Big Thompson River went up Thursday and Friday last week, they briefly cut back again for some maintenance work at the Dille Diversion Dam in the lower part of the canyon. That work was completed yesterday. As a result, releases from Oly Dam went back up and we are now sending about 340 cfs down the Big T from the dam. We anticipate this release to continue for about two weeks.

With maintenance complete at the Dille Diversion, we are now using it to capture about 300 cfs from the river to send north to Horsetooth Reservoir. With about 300 cfs coming in, Horsetooth’s water level elevation has started to rise again. It’s gone up about six inches since yesterday and is at an elevation of 5400.40 feet.’

Please let me know if you have any related questions.


Erik Myhre
Erik Myhre