Fly Fishing Reports For Boulder Colorado

We realize that for most folks, fly fishing is a passion you enjoy on the weekends, after work, or when the conditions justify calling in sick! You want to maximize your time when you do get an opportunity to get out to your favorite spot. That’s exactly why we strive to keep our Boulder fly fishing reports up to date more than any other shop in the region. No more spending half of your outing trying to figure out why the fish keep refusing your fly!

Fishing Around Boulder In A Nutshell

Boulder Creek See Full Report

As of 4/30 the water level above the falls is low again, making fishing up high pretty tough. Fourmile is dumping plenty of color into lower Boulder Creek. The best section right now is between Fourmile and the falls. There is a slight stain, but it’s definitely fishable. We’re getting more and more dry fly action as the warmer weather returns. One of our most successful rigs right now is a dry dropper combo using a Chubby Chernobyl with a small rainbow warrior dropped underneath.

Boulder Creek Water Flow Graphs

South Boulder Creek See Full Report

South Boulder Creek below Gross has been holding steady at 115, which is a great flow. Considering that it is a tailwater, you’ll want to use stealth, 5-6x, and a delicate presentation. We’ve been seeing a pretty solid BWO hatch in the late afternoon.

A dry-dropper rig will be a great way to run a nymph while still enticing those fish that are willing to play up to the top. Good options for the dry would be small PMX’s, Adams, and Purples Hazes. Underneath good options would be Olive or Grey RS2’s, BTS Baetis, Frenchies, WD 50’s, small 20 Inchers, and Bishop’s Dynamite.

The upper stretches of South Boulder Creek are waking up as well, so Pinecliff and Rollinsville are both open and options now. Water temps are still a little on the low side that high, so midges are still the primary game, but fish will be looking for BWOs as well.

South Boulder Creek Water Flow Graphs

Clear Creek See Full Report

Look for fish in slack water behind structure or up against the bank in a foot or less of water. Worm, Stonefly, Midge and Caddis imitations are all pulling fish. Note that between the trail construction and runoff coming in off North Clear Creek there is some stain to the water in the canyon.

Clear Creek Water Flow Graphs

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Big Thompson See Full Report

As of 4/30 the dry-fly bite had picked up since the warm weather returned. We’ve been having the best luck on #20 adams and Mole Flies up top with UV emergers, soft hackle sow bugs and calico midges trailed below. You’ll have the best success of you use 6-7x tippet.

Big Thompson River Water Flow Graphs

Blue River See Full Report

As of 4/30 the Blue was still holding steady at 180 in Silverthorne, which is a very good flow. It’s high enough to spread the fish out a bit, but makes the wading easy.  Make sure you have a mysis somewhere in the mix at all times to take advantage of opportunistic feeders. You’ll still get some play on Egg Patterns but we’re nearing the end of that season. Tiny red Midge patterns and mayfly nymphs should also be a part of your starting lineup.

Because of the size of the fish you’ll encounter start with 5x, and downsize from there.

Blue River Water Flow Graphs