Fishing Reports For Boulder Colorado

We realize that for most folks, fly fishing is a passion you enjoy on the weekends, after work, or when the conditions justify calling in sick! You want to maximize your time when you do get an opportunity to get out. That’s exactly why we strive to keep our Boulder fly fishing reports up to date more than any other shop in the region. No more spending half of your outing trying to figure out why the fish keep refusing your fly!

Boulder Creek See Full Report

Water from Barker has dropped recently, making the upper stretches above the falls pretty skinny. Boulder Creek is fishing most reliably in town these days. 9am is a good starting time. Fish are still rising to micro Chubbies. Red CJs seem to be a preference. Trout are pickier than usual. But all are well fed.

Boulder Creek Water Flow Graphs

South Boulder Creek See Full Report

S. Boulder Creek is fishing great throughout the drainage, making it a solid close-to-home option right now. Flows are in the sweet-spot below Gross Reservoir, and there have been some strong hatches recently. Another idea might be to hit the upper stretches near Pinecliffe and Rollinsville during the last of the gorgeous fall days.

South Boulder Creek Water Flow Graphs

Clear Creek See Full Report

Clear Creek is into its fall prime right now. From in-town in Golden all the way to Idaho Springs is definitely worth checking out. If you want to brush up on your euro-nymphing technique, flows are perfect right now.

Clear Creek Water Flow Graphs

Big Thompson See Full Report

Reports are up and down for the Big-T. The recent water drop (9-16) seems to be making fish a little finicky. We’re having better success with light tippet (6x-7x) and smaller patterns (18-24)

Big Thompson River Water Flow Graphs

Blue River See Full Report

The Blue has been holding steady at 110 for some time now, making sight fishing much easier now than most of the summer. Some big fish have also been showing up, especially in Silverthorne. Primary bugs are BWO and some Yellow Sallies, but you may need to bust out the small midges and light tippet to get them to eat with the lower water.

Blue River Water Flow Graphs