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Clear Creek

When all the rivers and streams seem to be overloaded with anglers, Clear Creek always has an empty hole to fish. Clear Creek parallels I-70 from just east of Idaho Springs to Georgetown. Idaho Springs is 32 miles west of Denver. For access to the stream, take exit 240 at Idaho Springs. Turn left, then turn right on old Highway 6. The stream is open to fishing most of its length.

I don’t think I have ever cast a dry fly on this water; perhaps I haven’t fished it at the right time. However, there are caddis, a few mayflies, and stoneflies here. Drifting Prince Nymphs, Golden Stone Nymphs, and Beadhead Hare’s Ears in the pocket water and deeper runs always produces a trout or two. The rainbows, browns, and Snake River cutthroat average between 8 and 12 inches.

The water can be swift, so care should be taken while wading. a basic 4- or 5-weight outfit is fine, but bring plenty of split shot.

River description excerpted from Flyfisher's Guide to Colorado by Marty Bartholomew
River description excerpted from Flyfisher’s Guide to Colorado by Marty Bartholomew

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Fishing Report Date: 09-22-2015

Spent a few hours on an absolutely gorgeous fall afternoon on Clear Creek in the upper canyon. Water levels are right around 100, which makes for some perfect deep runs and nice slower water along the edges. I found most of the fish in the deeper water, although some were up in the shallower but fast riffles. As for bug activity, I saw quite a few Caddis up in the air as well as smaller stoneflies. As the evening got later a little cloud cover came in and there was some good Mayfly activity as well.

Started out with a dry dropper and got most of the action on the dropper. I eventually went to a full euro rig with two nymphs and seemed to get into a lot more fish that way. For patterns I switched between larger caddis nymphs, small stonefly nymphs and size 16 mayfly nymphs.

Once the cloud cover came in I switched back to a dry dropper and picked up quite a few on top on a size 20 extended body mayfly.

The fish are definitely starting to get colored up for the spawn, so now is a great time to go find some beautiful wild brown trout!

Report Statistics
4/5Time on Water: 2 Hours
Number of Anglers: 1
Hoook Ups:
Fish Landed:
Weather Experienced

Temperature: 75
Wind Conditions: Calm
Precipitation: None
Water Observations

Water Temperature: 54
Flow Level: 100 CFS
Runoff? Clear
Erik Myhre

Report Submitted By: Erik Myhre

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