2nd Annual Boulder Creek Fly Fishing Derby - Sponsored by Hardy/Grays

Boulder Creek Brown

Front Range Anglers
2nd Annual Boulder Creek Fly Fishing Derby

Sponsored by Hardy/Grays


This is a chance for all the Front Range Anglers to deliver their best game on our local venue, Boulder Creek. This  comp will be an individual effort to catch as many trout as possible in three hours and measure one fish for extra points. We have prizes for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place as well as largest fish. Anglers will be assigned a "beat" of water to spend the three hours in.   Each angler will receive a colored piece of tape that must be seen in photos to officially score a fish.

This year FRA will be having a pro and an armature division.  The pro division will start at 12:00 at Ebin G Fine Park.  Pros will compete under the Fips Mouche Rules, basically anglers must use one continues leader (flies tied off tags), no splitshot, no indicators, and barbless hooks.  What most people call Czech nymphing.  There are many other rules and make sure to see the Fips website for a full list or stop by the shop.  Pros will not take a prize, its just for the glory.

The Armature division will kick things off up in the canyon of Boulder Creek.  Armatures should not be industry professionals.  Armatures will compete for a prize which is donated by Rob Kolanda of Hard/Greys. Fish how you like to fish, dries, nymphs, streamers or whatever.  Just make sure your hooks are barbless.

More than just being a friendly competition this is a great way to have a great time, meet other competitive anglers, and highlight what a resource Boulder has in its backyard.

A $10 entry fee, can be paid at the shop or online.  We also will need your name, phone number, email address, and physical address and your in.

When – Saturday, April 14th
Time - Meet at Front Range Anglers @ 7:30am. Comp starts at 8:15 am sharp
Where - Boulder Creek Watershed--from Elephant Rocks Upstream(Armatures) Broadway to Ebin G Fine (Pros)
How Much - $10

The Official Rules:
*Bottom line - have fun and please be respectful that this is based on the Honor System and is
intended to be fun.
*Each angler will be issued an armband that must be visible in each photograph for a fish to
count. If the band is not seen, no points will be awarded. Wear it, tie it onto your net, wrist, rod,
whatever, just make sure we can see it.
*Each fish is worth 100 points, no matter what the size is.  Trout are the only score-able species.
*Anglers can measure one fish for an additional 20 points per inch. Once you measure one fish
you cannot measure again. So make sure you the one you measure is the biggest one you think
you will catch for the day.
*Nets are highly encouraged, but not required.  Use of a net will make you more efficient and its soooo much better for the fish. 
*The winner will be determined by total points scored in the 3 hour session. In the event of a
tie in points, the largest recorded fish will win.
*Fish that are not caught in the mouth do not count -- snagged fish DO NOT count.
*All fish must be properly handled and released. If you KILL a fish it does not count.  When measuring you big fish for points, please try your best not to beach, harm, over handle, or squeeze the fish.  Those big fish in the creek are very old and fragile.  Please handle them with the utmost respect.
*Barbless hooks only, no live bait, no scent, and no trebles. You must pinch your barbs down.
*Anglers must provide their own camera and transportation. Anglers may have a net caddy/
photographer there to help assist the angler with safe handling, a photograph, and releasing of the
fish.  Helpers are encouraged to make things easier on the angler and more importantly the fish.
*Again, this should not be overly complex. Please use the honor system when scoring your
*E-Mail me with any questions.


SOLD OUT!  - Next Year make sure to sign up earlier.

Price: $10.00

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