3. Peak Trailhead Vise Package

Peak Trailhead Vise Package at Front Range Anglers

Peak Trailhead Package is the NEW RELEASE that includes all the tools required to take your tying vise home and start craking out flies! No other package on the market gives you the whole package built around a high end rotary vise! It includes the PEAK Rotary Tying Techniques DVD to help you with tying instructions and get the most of your new rotary vise. It has everything needed to set up a new tier to get started, or enroll in a class. Or maybe you are a tier who started with an economy set-up and now wants to upgrade to a rotary fly vise and a set of tools that will last. This package really fits the bill. Available with pedestal base shown in the picture OR Peak's rock solid C-Clamp. It will include PEAK Rotary Vise either pedestal OR C-Clamp, PEAK Rotary Fly Tying DVD, PEAK Tool Organizer, PEAK Hex Stacker, PEAK Ritt Pick-N-Brush, Tool kit with Scissor, Bobbin, Threader, Whip Finisher Tool and Hackle Plier.

Price: $219.95

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