4. Peak Base Camp Vise Package

Peak Base Camp Vise Package at Front Range Anglers

Peak Base Camp Package is the NEW RELEASE from Peak offering a package aimed at providing a serious tier with a PEAK Rotary Vice that includes all the finely engineered accessories with most efficient and attractive combination of options available. If you are a tiers who is looking to upgrade their fly vice, but have their basic tying tools, this tying kit will provide a premium rotary fly vise along with several very useful tying accessories. The accessory shaft and brass riser allow maximum flexibility of fly vise adjustment and allow for additional vise accessories such as a light. The D-Arm will speed your rotary tying and the material clips are simply the best design available. One set of jaws(midge jaws shown) is included to maximize hook size range and the package is available with pedestal base (shown) or PEAK's rock solid C-Clamp. PEAK Rotary Vise (either pedestal OR C-Clamp, PEAK Rotary Tying Tips DVD, Additioanl Jaw( Midge jaws or Saltwater), PEAK Brass Riser, Brass Scres Kit, PEAK Accessory Shaft, PEAK D-Arm, PEAK Material Clip, Qty 2

Price: $249.95

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