6.2 Sage 2000 Spools

Sage 2000 Spools at Front Range Anglers

Sage has done it again with the 2000 Series fly reels that offer incredible quality at an even better price. The best part about the 2000 Series is the drag system built on the same high end floating tripod of the higher priced reels; the drag system is smooth, light, and most importantly sealed to prevent any trouble from the elements. Pair a great drag system with lightweight aluminum construction, large arbor design and a beefy quick release spool it makes for one heck of a fly reel at an unbeatable price. The Sage 2000 Series fly reels make a great option to get some serious bang for the buck.
An added bonus, 2000, 1800 and 1600 Series spools are all interchangeable.

Reel Model Diameter (in) Line Weight Weight Capacity (yds) Price
Sage 2030 (Exta Spool) 3.3 WF-4-F 100/20-lb. $120
Sage 2050 (Exta Spool) 3.7 WF-6-F 100/20-lb. $130
Sage 2080 (Exta Spool) 4.1 WF-8-F 200/20-lb. $140
Price: $120.00

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