9. Renzetti Presentation 2000 #28 to 4/0

Renzetti Presentation 2000 w/ Standard Pedestal Base #28 at Front Range Anglers

The Presentation 2000 features Renzetti's patented adjustable jaw hinge and cam jaws, allowing the tyer to achieve True Rotary® action. This vise offers you features of the Master Series with the patented jaw hinge, the Presentation 4000 with the ratchet rotary actuator, patented anti corrosion jaws, standard pedestal base, plus a hinge stem and a 7" stem. In addition, it is completely anodized for a more durable finish. The highly versatile Presentation 2000 is like no other vise and will quickly have you appreciating the beauty of true rotary®. Made in the USA

FREE GIFT with the purchase of this vise.  Get a Renzetti Soft Foam tool Caddy, see it here.

Price: $299.95

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