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Abel Creek Spools at Front Range Anglers

Abel has made the Abel Creek Reel Series for the last eleven years, that’s longer than most companies have been around. The Abel Creek Series hasn’t changed much in its timeless classic style or flawless drag system. What has changed is how anglers fish for them, fighting large fish on light tippet means that the drag system has to be flawless. Try out one of these beauties and understand why these have become a staple in the Abel reel lineup.

*Internally adjustable pawl click drag made from 303 heat treated stainless steel is locked in place by two small hex cam nuts and a spring retainer.
*To adjust the incoming or outgoing tension, simply rotate the fully enclosed hex nuts with your fingertip.
*Narrow frame equals fast line pick-up.
*FlexABELity = System designed to interchange both Large and Standard Arbor spools into the identical frame. Every frame in the Super Series, Anti-Reverse Series and Abel Creek Series now accepts both Large and Standard Arbor spools.

FRA recommends the Abel Trout reels for anglers who are trout fishermen to a "T".  Designed to have a virtually no start up, meaning you can set hard on 6x tippet.  Make your reel stand out from the rest with a custom color or graphic, see them here.

All Abel reels come with a Lifetime Warranty.

Reel Model Spool Option Price Weight (oz.) Spool Diameter Spool Width (in) Hub Diameter (in) Line + Yards of Backing
Abel Creek #1 (Extra Spool) Standard Arbor $110   3.125 0.6   3+195 20# . 4+160 20#
Abel Creek #2 (Extra Spool) Standard Arbor $120   3.500 0.6   5+210 20# . 6+180 20#
Abel Creek #1 (Extra Spool) Large Arbor $150   3.125 0.6 1.62 2+80 20# . 3+55 20#
Abel Creek #2 (Extra Spool) Large Arbor $160   3.500 0.6 1.62 4+110 20# . 5+80 20#


Price: $110.00

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