Backstabber Fly Selection

Backstabber Fly Selection at Front Range Anglers

Tied by Jay Zimmerman

This might be the best carp fly that you could ever have in your box!  Developed in the muddy flats of the Front Range of Colorado this fly is targeted at catching carp but don't be surprised when you catch Bass, Catfish and monster Trout. 

Designed to ride hook up to minimize hang-ups and maximize your hook set this fly does it all.
This fly comes in four different colors to match what ever situation you might encounter.  The colors let you choose what you want to imitate, immature crayfish, leeches, or juvenile minnows.

The colors are as follows:
Black Leech size 6 (popular color)
Grey Minnow size 6
Wine size 6
Rust size 6 (popular color)
The set comes with 6 flies, four colors and extra flies in the popular colors.  

See the fly in action here in this video.

Price: $15.00

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