BASS: The Movie

Bass the movie at Front Range Anglers

Bass: The Movie begins with George Perry's world-record bass in 1930s rural Georgia. Then, journeys to modern day to visit with pro anglers like Kevin VanDam, Ish Monroe, and Mike Iaconelli. You'll discover where the bass bug first caught them. The road trip then heads west. All the way west. California conventional rod pros join in a quest for trophy bass on the same boat with fly-rod pros, as they share secrets and a brand-new look at the sport. Though California is home to the majority of bass-fishing's world records, the reasons for its big fish--and how they're caught--have been a mystery to many.

Explore southern California's clear waters and northern California's falbed Delta region, with a band of characters now known as Team California. Their candid stories and shared tactics, however, are invaluable to anglers everywhere. The anglers you'll meet along the way are as varied as the waters you'll visit: Bass Elite Series anglers, line-class world record holder Raymond Easley, fly-rod world-record holder larry Kurosaki, Delta bass pro and gudie Bobby Barrack, Delta fly-rod pro and guide Kevin Doran, SoCal guide and bass pro Makr Mitrany, and one inveterate angler who loads up his truck and goes in search of time on the water with all of them: John Sherman.

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