Bauer MacKenzie Extreme Fly Reels

Bauer MacKenzie Extreme Fly Reels at Front Range Anglers

The Bauer MacKenzie Xtreme smoothly combines form and function in one beautifully crafted fly reel. The MacKenzie Xtreme is built on the "draw bar" system that places the drag on the traditional frame side, this allows anglers to make very quick one finger adjustments to the drag. The Bauer fly reels have extensive porting of the frame to reduce the overall weight while keeping intact the structural strength of the reel. Bauer created the MacKenzie Xtreme fly reel to chase down the biggest fish in the river, lake or sea.

* Precision machined 100% aerospace bar stock aluminum and stainless steel construction for maximum strength and corrosion protection
* Three precision sealed stainless steel ball bearings
* No plastic parts or bushings
* Large diameter Cork/FXB polymer disc drag delivers a ultra smooth and low start-up inertia
* Patented drag clutch with zero-backlash
* Easy one finger, star drag adjustment
* Silent retrieve with a crisp out-going click
* Quick release spool
* Simple retrieve direction conversion
* Exposed palming rim for additional control
* Deep anodized, Jet Black polished glossy finish
* Fully ported frame and spool
* Hardwood crank handle
* The lightest reels in their class
* Designed and Manufactured in the U.S.A.
* Lifetime guarantee. U.S. Patent #5921492

Reel Model Diameter Weight Line Weight Capacity + Backing Price Promotion
MX3 3.75 in. 7.4 oz. 7-8 WF8+(200yds.20#)

Reel $525

Spool $235

Save $15 on a Fly Line
Receive a $15 Gift Card
MX4 4.00 in. 8.0 oz 8-9 WF9+(275yds.20#)

Reel $545

Spool $245

Save $15 on a Fly Line
Receive a $15 Gift Card
MX5 4.25 in. 8.7 oz. 10-11 WF10+(325yds.30#) Spey Windcutter 8/9/10+(175yds30#)

Reel $595

Spool $265

Save $15 on a Fly Line
Receive a $15 Gift Card
MX6 4.50 in. 9.4 oz 11-15 WF12+(450yds.30#) Spey Windcutter 9/10/11+(200yds30#)

Reel $645

Spool $285

Save $15 on a Fly Line
Receive a $15 Gift Card


Price: $525.00
Line Purchase comes with Free backing and professional setup

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