Bauer Rogue Spools

Bauer Rogue Spools at Front Range Anglers

Bauer Fly Reels offer up over a decade of innovative design in their fly reels and the new Bauer Rouge Series continues that tradition. These fly reels feature a carbon fiber disc drag system and new V-Arbor design which allows more backing to be stored while reducing the amount of metal needed to make these reels. If you are looking for a reel that will perform time and time again with great stopping power and a lightweight design then the Bauer Rouge Series fly reels are the ticket.

* Carbon fiber composite disc drag *
Patented seamless drag clutch engagement with "zero-backlash"
* New V-Arbor design
* Quick release spool
* Precision machined 100% aerospace bar stock aluminum and stainless steel construction for maximum strength and corrosion protection
* Precision sealed stainless steel ball bearings
* Sealed drag mechanism * Simple retrieve direction conversion
* Silent retrieve with a out-going click
* Deep anodized machine-tec finish
* The lightest reels in their class
* Designed and Manufactured in the U.S.A.
* Lifetime guarantee. U.S. Patent #5921492

Reel Model Diameter Weight Line Weight Capacity + Backing Price
Rogue 1 (Extra Spool) 3.00 in.   3-5 WF5+(60yds.20#) $195
Rogue 2 (Extra Spool) 3.25 in.   5-6 WF6+(100yds.20#) $205
Rogue 3 (Extra Spool) 3.50 in.   6-7 WF7+(150yds.20#) $220
Rogue 4 (Extra Spool) 3.75 in.   7-8 WF8+(175yds.20#) $240
Rogue 5 (Extra Spool) 4.00 in.   8-9 WF9+(225yds.20#) $265
Rogue 6 (Extra Spool) 4.25 in.   10-11 WF10+(325yds.30#) Spey Windcutter 8/9/10+(175yds.30#) $290
Rogue 7 (Extra Spool) 4.50 in.   12-13 WF12+(400yds.30#) Spey Windcutter 9/10/11+(200yds.30#) $325


Price: $195.00

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