Bellyache Minnow Fly Selection

Bellache Minnow Streamer Fly Selection at Front Range Anglers

This just might be the best streamer pattern that you will ever fish!

Originally designed to be a shad pattern, the bellyache has spread its wings and is offered in a variety of colors that make it versatile enough to catch trophy trout, a variety of warmwater fish (including bass, walleye, wipers, and pike), and because of the hook works great for inshore saltwater species.

Designed to ride hook up, this fly doesn't snag when working shallow structure, allows for better hook sets, and swims better than a real injured fish.

The pattern is offered in three colors, to match your species:
Fire Perch
Olive size
Natural size
Get two of all three colors in this great streamer selection.
Now available in two sizes 1/0 or size 4, or both sizes in a Full Set for a total of 12 Belly Aches.

*the #4 showen in Olive...deadly.

See the tying instructions and see how it swims here in this video.

Price: $15.00

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