Essence of Fly Casting - MEL KRIEGER

Essence of Fly Casting at Front Range Anglers

W.W. NORTON & COMPANY, April 2001
Binding Type: Softcover
Retail Price: $21.95
ISBN: 0-88150-505-6
Mel is a gifted teacher and a skilled caster. In this book he'll stand beside you and guide you through the basics, work with you on more advanced skills or help eliminate problem areas. Excellent photo sequences demonstrate the techniques. 125 B/w photos, 26 illus; 8x11 inches, 144 pgs.

The Essence of Flycasting is teaching at its best.

Beginning with the fundamental mechanics of a flycast, the elements of good form, flyfishing tackle and flyfishing situations, this comprehensive reference work takes the reader through the roll cast, basic cast, line handling, the double haul, distance casting and the other techniques essential to competent flyfishing.

Beautiful photographs by Ben Blackwell, and graphic drawings illustrating every move described in the text make this book equally at home on the coffee table or on the ground beside the caster.

"In this book, Mel Krieger has found the best way ever to translate flycasting instruction into print. ...if you are just starting flyfishing or have worn out many lines, you will better understand this marvelous activity after reading The Essence of Flycasting." --Steve Rajeff, Casting World Champion,(Former Student)

"The book The Essence of Flycasting is one of those bright nuggets you unearth from time to time, and woe to you if you pass it by." --Jerry Gibbs, Fishing Editor, Outdoor Life

Price: $21.95

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