Estancia Laguna Verde is THE lodge operation on the world-famous Jurassic Lake, Estancia Laguna Verde is located on the southern coast of this incredible lake. This is an operation that offers fishermen the chance to experience some of the largest trout in the world while surrounded by beautiful, untouched landscapes in one of the most remote areas of Patagonia. This operation offers anglers the opportunity to battle huge, strong fish while enjoying the comfort of this exclusive lodge.

Typical Length of Stay

The typical lodge package at Estancia Laguna Verde is 7 nights / 6 days of fishing. Most packages run Saturday through Saturday. Please contact Yellow Dog for more details.

Accommodations and Lodging

First Class AccommodationsEstancia Laguna Verde's main lodge, named for the nearby "Laguna Verde" (green lagoon), is in the very remote Jurassic Lake area. The main building is a typical "estancia house," featuring four double bedrooms. Each bedroom has a private bathroom and two single beds, meaning that the lodge can accommodate a maximum of six anglers per week. One of the rooms can be converted to a twin bed room for couples. There is a spacious living room overlooking Laguna Verde, where wine and cocktails are served each evening. The living room features an LCD TV with satellite connection as well as a fully-stocked fly tying desk for guest use. Satellite, IP telephone and wireless Internet access is available, and electricity runs 24-hours a day via windmill generators with fuel generators as back up. Laundry service is provided twice a week if desired by guests, as well as any other special services that are needed.

Food and Beverages

Estancia Laguna Verde offers excellent cuisine and typical Argentinean food, including a weekly "asado" (Argentine BBQ), famous Patagonian lamb, and the best international dishes. All meals are of course served with great wines from Mendoza and other parts of Argentina.

Fishing Information

Gigantic Lake Jurassic RainbowLocated on Argentina's world-famous Jurassic Lake, this incredible destination offers not only extraordinary fishing on Lake Strobel (a.k.a. Jurassic), but also fantastic action at the Barrancoso River. This is key for the simple reason that while there are a handful of operations that fish on Jurassic Lake, this is the only lodge operation with a river tributary that flows directly into the big lake. That means that guests staying at Estancia Laguna Verde can fish more than eight kilometers of Moro Creek, a creek located on the Estancia's private property that chains 15 smaller lakes together. Moro Creek is fished in three sections and holds fish up to six pounds with very good dry fly and mousing action. Guests have access to all of the smaller lakes located on the ranch as well. These highly-productive waters are all surrounded by breathtaking Patagonia "meseta." It's important to point out that unlike fishing for sea run trout in Tierra del Fuego or on the Gallegos River (in the province of Santa Cruz) where seasons are very short, at Jurassic Lake, on the Barrancoso river, and on the 15 smaller lakes inside the estancia, fishing maintains an excellent level throughout the season, which lasts from November until mid-April.

Much of the fishing at Estancia Laguna Verde takes place on Jurassic Lake itself, and the Estancia offers direct private access to more than 10 kilometers of coastline along the lake. Additionally, when the conditions are right, guests can access numerous other areas and more remote fishing spots on the lake traveling by boat. One of the best fishing areas of the lake, "Monster Bay", owes its name to the unbelievable quantity and size of the fish that are caught there. These waters are largely protected from the winds, making the fishing in the Bay an absolute pleasure. Anglers can expect a lot of sight fishing with small nymphs any day of the season, and big dry flies can be fished when the weather is calm. The coastline of Estancia Laguna Verde's property also has plenty of smaller bays, which gather great quantities of fish and offers protection in windy conditions (which can be a common factor in the area). in order to experience great fishing every day of the week regardless of the weather, it is important to be able to cover a lot of different water and move around to different locations depending on conditions.

As for the smaller lakes on Estancia Laguna Verde's property, guests have 15 to chose from - all of which are home to enormous trout. The incredible Barrancoso River - the one and only tributary of Strobel (Jurassic) Lake - is a typical mountain freestone river, with clear waters, big rocks, and plenty of pockets, holding water, riffles and runs. You can expect to catch some very large fish on the river when you're ready to switch things up from fishing the lake.

Boats and Equipment

Guides use only row boats to access the lakes, weather permitting. Most of the fishing is done wading along the edges, moving from spot to spot in ATV's and trucks. It is recommended that anglers bring all of their own equipment with them, including rods, reels, waders, boots, all flies, and all terminal tackle.

Non-Angling Activities and Options

Jurassic LakeEstancia Laguna Verde is in a very remote part of Argentina, and overall, this is a fishing-focused lodge and operation. That said, there are a handful of non-angling activities that are available, including enjoying the wonderful landscapes, bird watching, or trekking the enormous ranch. The Estancia can also arrange short day tours to such destinations such as Cardiel and Pueyrredón Lake, Las Manos Cave, Pinturas, the Santa Cruz River, and several other locations. For bird watchers, southern Patagonia is an internationally-renowned destination, offering extraordinary opportunities to admire beautiful birds and other fauna typical of this unique region of Patagonia.

How To Get There

For fishermen traveling to Estancia Laguna Verde, we recommend that you to fly from Buenos Aires to El Calafate City in the province of Santa Cruz. El Calafate has a newly-built international airport (Airport Code: FTE), where more than 10 flights a day arrive and depart. There are direct flights to El Calafate from Buenos Aires, Bariloche, Rio Gallegos, Rio Grande and Ushuahia (Tierra del Fuego). The El Calafate airport is serviced by Aerolineas Argentinas and LAN Airlines.

Arrival and Departure Details / Times

When possible, we suggest that you arrive the night before the start of your week at the lodge, which means that you would fly into El Calafate on Friday afternoon or evening, and then overnight in a local hotel. Saturday morning you will be picked up at the hotel by the lodge's transfer vehicle and driven to Estancia Laguna Verde Lodge, a trip of approximately 4-5 hours.

2013 Package Rates

All prices are per person and based on double occupancy. Most packages run Saturday through Saturday although trips of other lenghts of stay can be arranged. Please call Yellow Dog for details.

Length of Stay 2 Per Boat
2 Per Room
7 Nights / 6 Fishing Days $5,200
4 Nights / 3.5 Fishing Days $3,100

* Remember that Yellow Dog's services are completely free! When you book a trip with Yellow Dog, you never pay more than when you book directly with the lodge or outfitter.

What's Included

  • All accommodations and meals at the Estancia
  • All beverages and open bar at the Estancia
  • Fully guided daily fishing
  • Use of boats, ATV's, and trucks on Estancia property
  • All round-trip transfers from El Calafate City to the Estancia
  • Use of wireless internet at the lodge

What's Not Included

  • International airfare to Buenos Aires
  • Domestic airfare from Buenos Aires to Calafate City
  • Personal equipment and all fishing gear
  • Argentina entrance fees
  • Satellite phone calls
  • Hotel and meals in El Calafate
  • Gratuities for guides and lodge staff

Travel Arrangements

Yellow Dog has a full in-house travel and reservations system, and can assist with airline tickets, hotels, transfers, and all travel logistics for every destination that we offer. Contact us at 888-777-5060 or for more details on airfare ticketing, travel services and trip insurance.

Other Information

Located in the province of Santa Cruz, Estancia Laguna Verde is 115 km from Gobernador Gregores City and about 300 km from El Calafate City. The lake covers 11,000 hectares and is fed by the waters of the Barrancoso River, which is born in the west, at "Meseta de la Muerte". Estancia Laguna Verde lies about 900 metres above sea level.

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