Euro Nymph Class

Hardy Czech Nymmphing

Learn the fundamentals of Czech, Polish, French, and Spanish nymphing techniques on the water at Sylvandale Guest Ranch. This class will be taught both in the classroom (but outside) and on the water, fishing a private stretch of the Big Thompson. This is a great way to overcome a season's worth of experimenting on your own and make the jump into the fun and exciting world of European Nymphing.  These methods offer creative, fun, and effective ways to catch more trout on the water.  FRA will provide long specialty rod to make these techniques easier and more enjoyable.

Students will learn:
*Various leader designs
*The difference in the European styles & when to fish them
*How to guide your nymphs and trigger strikes
*Fly Selection
*Fly Design

Date: May 12th 9am-5pm at Sylvandale Guest Ranch

Instructors: Devin Olsen

Maximum of 10 students, minimum of 2 students


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