When most fishermen think of Argentina, they typically conjure up images of the country’s incredible trout fishing. What they don’t always think of is the Golden Dorado fishing and wing shooting that takes place in the northern areas of Argentina. For that reason, Yellow Dog is proud to team with Fly Fishing Patagonia to offer what may be the cast-and-blast trip of a lifetime! Catching a Golden Dorado on the fly is an incredibly visual experience, as these large, voracious fish will often leap six or seven times during a battle. With a customized package, you can also combine Dorado fishing with the region’s world-famous wing shooting for ducks, dove and perdiz. Accommodations for these packages are in a beautiful Spanish-Colonial estancia on the banks of the Corriente River, just north of the city of Esquina. Guests stay in elegant, European-designed rooms, and all meals are served in traditional Argentine fashion with fantastic wines from Mendoza.

Typical Length of Stay

Most packages are 7 nights /6 days, however all packages can be completely customized. There is a 4 night minimumn stay at Fly Fishing Patagonia. Please call Yellow Dog for details and custom package pricing.

Accommodations and Lodging

Estancia La PeladaThe main base of operations for Fly Fishing Patagonia's northern Dorado operations is Estancia La Pelada. This huge ranch operation is located on the Corriente River, roughly 35 kilometers north of the city of Esquina. Esquina is an old fishermen’s town, founded in 1806 by the Spanish. It was destroyed twice during Argentina’s civil war. Its final reconstruction in 1846, was aided by the vital port of Esquina, which was fundamental in trading agricultural products and other goods between remote areas up river and the capital of Buenos Aires. It is a place that time forgot and its traditional streets appear much as they did 100 years ago. At the town of Esquina, the mighty Paraná River is met by the Corriente River and the convergence of the two rivers lies the Paraná River Delta, a labyrinth of water channels created by islands of vegetation.

Estancia La Pelada
Estancia La Pelada Lodge is the ideal Dorado fishing lodge, located 35 kilometers north of of Esquina and right on the Corriente River. This 25,000 acres family ranch was never intended to become a guest ranch, yet its remote location is ideally suited for anglers, hunters and wildlife enthusiasts. La Pelada is a Spanish Colonial-style estancia with an ancient feel, yet it is only about 45 years old. Its design represents classic Spanish architecture with stucco walls, high ceilings, courtyards, rounded windows, archways, and pillars. La Pelada holds eights guests in European- style rooms with private baths. Meals are either served in the elegant dinning room or in the veranda overlooking the gardens. The veranda is also where drinks and appetizers will be waiting every evening upon the guests return. In the warmer months, a swim in the riverside pool with a cold beverage is the perfect way to wind down after a long day fishing or hunting.

Estancia Don Joaquin
Estancia Don Joaquin opened its doors in 2008 and is the newest and most refined lodge in the area. Located just 10 km outside the town of Esquina, Estancia Don Joaquin is made with reclaimed materials from Buenos Aires, such as old window frames, doors, antique tiles, door knobs, beds and furniture. Just walking around the ranch one would think it was built 100 years ago. With its eight double rooms and private baths, Estancia Don Joaquin is ideal for groups larger than 8 people. From the lodge, guests can canoe on the delta, ride horses, go birding, and even hunt on the lodge property. There is also a second ranch located northwest of town that offers hiking and horseback riding in a remote setting on the Corriente River.

Food and Beverages

The meals at both Estancia La Pelada and Estancia Don Joaquin are cooked in the traditional Argentine fashion and include delicious specialty meats and fruits from the region, complimented by fine wines from the province of Mendoza.

Fishing Information

Gigantic Golden DoradoA typical day of fishing in the Esquina area will take you to two main rivers, the Corriente and the Parana.

The Mississippi-like Parana River is a huge, deep, and un-wadable river, offering strong chances for 20 pound-plus fish. The Parana river is not the most scenic area and is only reccomended for those who are looking for fewer but bigger fish. The Parana River Delta is where most of the fishing is done. The Delta offers a beautiful labyrinth of water channels and islands. It is a very similar environment to the Florida Everglades.

The Corriente is smaller, more channelized, and wadeable, with sandy beaches and a sandy river bottom. You will have opportunities to wade and float fish, using comfortable and spacious 19ft Carolina Skiffs. You will fish the main currents, channels, river mouths (bocas) and drop offs.

Sight fishing is the most enjoyable way of seeking out the golden dorado, though searching the drop offs and currents with sink tips and giant streamers can be an excellent way to find big fish. Not only will you catch Dorado, but also Chafalote, Piranha, Palometa (big piranha), pre-historic Tararijas, Surubi catfish, and other exotic species of game fish. The Dorado in the area average 7-8 pounds each, and can reach up to 25 inches in the Esquina Area. In a week of fishing, proficient anglers can land several fish in the 12-16 pound class. Both fly and casting rods can be used. Seven and eight weight rods are the standard, with floating and sink-tip lines with steel leaders and 20-pound mono. You will fish with large streamers and tarpon flies (anywhere from 3 to 8 inches long,) as well as poppers for explosive top-water action.

There are over 12,000 acres of hunting habitat that includes ponds, fields and rivers, all of which receive minimal pressure. This combination makes Estancia La Pelada a world-class hunting destination. The wing shooting can be divided into four distinct groups: ducks, partridge (perdiz), doves, and pigeon. Year-round, high-volume dove hunting in Esquina is fast and furious, and is commonly combined with dorado fishing for an awesome cast-and-blast Argentine adventure. Millions of doves inhabit this area, and hunters can easily shoot over 40 boxes of shells any day of the year. These dove hunts are usually an all-day affair with a traditional asado lunch served in the field. Hunters can also try a new upland game experience with decoyed pigeon hunts. Calling pigeons into decoys is becoming extremely popular due to their erratic flight and the similarity to duck hunting. Due to crop damage from overwhelming dove and pigeon population, there are no limits on either. The dove/pidgeon season is from September 1st - April 31st. This is prime time for Dorado and makes for the best cast and blast experience.

Morning or late-evening duck hunts are done from blinds on the ranch's private lagoons or in the delta. By 9:00 AM many hunters reach their limit of 25 ducks of multiple species, leaving the rest of the day open for other adventures. Usually duck hunts are followed by perdiz hunting over exceptionally trained pointers and Brittanys. The region of Corriente has the highest population of wild perdiz in Argentina and Estancia La Pelada offer access to these birds right on the property. The prime duck hunting is from May 1st thru August 31st. The weather is cooler during this time and not the best for Dorado fishing.

Boats and Equipment

Fly Fishing Patagonia utilizes 19-foot Carolina Skiffs for all fishing. Guns are available for rent at the lodge. For details on personal firearm entry into Argentina, please contact Yellow Dog Flyfishing Adventures. It is suggested that anglers bring all of their own fishing equipment, including rods, reels, lines, flies, and terminal tackle. Fly Fishing patagonia does offer rod rentals ($25 per day), gun rentals ($50 per day), and unlimited use of flies ($15 per day) Please contact Yellow Dog to arrange for rental gear, if you don't want to travel with your own.

Non-Angling Activities and Options

Argentine GauchoEstancia La Pelada has much to offer the non-angler, and there is a great deal more to explore than just the fishing and hunting. Some of the many activities include flora and fauna tours via boat, spa services, touring local ranches, and visiting the historical town of Esquina. The ranch's vast, soft grasslands are a paradise for horseback riding and polo lessons, which are offered by the owners. Fly Fish Patagonia is happy to arrange a great itinerary for non-anglers, and has years of experience taking care of families and couples.

How To Get There

Getting to Argentina is not difficult. Take an easy overnight flight to Buenos Aires from one of several major cities in the U.S., get a good night’s rest, and awake in Argentina. You will arrive into the International Airport in Buenos Aires, called Ezeiza Ministro Pistarini Airport, Buenos Aires, Argentina (Airport Code: EZE). From there, you will need to transfer to the Domestic Airport in Buenos Aires (J. Newbery Domestic or AEP) which is located across the city, in order to catch your flight north. The fastest way to get to Esquina is via a 1.5 hours flight to Goya Airport (Airport Code: OYA) on Laer Airlines.  The Goya airport is only a 40 - 55 minute ride to the lodge. There are 3 convenient flights a week with afternoon departures from Buenos Aires making it possible to arrive at the lodge the same day you arrive in Argentina. Yellow Dog will be happy to assist with all transfers, logistics, and flights.

Arrival and Departure Details / Times

The flight from Buenos Aires to Goya must be booked in Buenos Aires with cash, so if a flight to Goya is needed the price will be added to your package ($300 round Trip, $150 one way). You will be met by a Fly Fishing Patagonia agent at the airport and transferred to the lodge, approximately 45 minutes.

An economical way to reach Esquina is by taking a 7-hour bus ride from Buenos Aires. Multiple bus companies have several daily departures and offer clean, professional service. With meal beverage service and reclining seats it's a relaxing way to see the countryside.

2013 Package Rates

All rates are per person and based on double occupancy. A trip of any length of stay can be arranged, as well as cast and blast trips. Please call Yellow Dog for details.

Trip Length 2 Per Room
2 Per Boat
4 Nights / 3 Fishing Days $2,350
5 Nights / 4 Fishing Days $2,765
6 Nights / 5 Fishing Days $3,260
7 Nights / 6 Fishing Days $3,640

* Remember that Yellow Dog's services are completely free! When you book a trip with Yellow Dog, you never pay more than when you book directly with the lodge or outfitter.

What's Included

  • Accommodations
  • Food, wine, beer, and spirits
  • Local transportation and local airport shuttle from the Goya Airport
  • Professional daily guided hunting and fishing
  • Fishing and hunting licenses

What's Not Included

  • Transfers, hotel, and food in Buenos Aires
  • Air travel and related costs to Buenos Aires and within Argentina
  • Shotgun shells, gun, and rod rentals
  • Flies and terminal tackle
  • Gratuities for guides and staff
  • Phone calls, shopping, and other items of a personal nature
  • Transfer flight from Buenos Aires to Goya ($300 round trip, $150 one way)

Travel Arrangements

Yellow Dog has a full in-house travel and reservations system, and can assist with airline tickets, hotels, transfers, and all travel logistics for every destination that we offer. Contact us at 888-777-5060 or for more details on airfare ticketing, travel services and trip insurance.

Sample Itineraries and Other Information

6 Nights at Estancia La Pelada with 5 Days of Fishing:
Day 1 - Arrival Buenos Aires. Upon request, a representative will meet you in the airport and transfer you to the domestic airport for your flight to Goya. The FFP guides will pick you up at the Goya Airport and drive you 45 minutes to the lodge. Tour the grounds. Cocktails and dinner.
Day 2 - Walk 200 yards down to the Corriente River and board the fishing boats. On this day you will most likely fish downriver in the morning, return to the lodge for lunch, and then fish upriver in the late afternoon.
Day 3 - Dorado fish the Corriente, upriver from the lodge. Lunch on the river.
Day 4 - This morning you’ll depart the lodge for a full day on the Paraná River Delta, where the Paraná and the Corriente meet. You’ll be floating and fishing small channels that interconnect these massive water systems. Keep a sharp eye out for all kinds of wildlife.
Day 5 - Fish the main Paraná River, where the volume of water increases greatly along with the chances of catching big Golden Dorado.
Day 6 - Fish the Corriente River or the delta.
Day 7 - FFP will drive you back to the regional airport for your return flight to Buenos Aires.

Golden Dorado Fishing and Dove Hunting: 6 Nights at Estancia Don Joaquin with 3 Days Dove Hunting and 2 Days of Dorado Fishing (January 1 - November 1)
Day 1 - Arrival Buenos Aires. Upon request, a representative will meet you in the airport and transfer you to the domestic airport for your flight to Goya. The FFP guides will pick you up at the Goya Airport and drive you 45 minutes to the lodge. Tour the grounds. Cocktails and dinner.
Day 2-4 - All day, high-volume dove hunting. Hunters will have the opportunity to shoot approximately 500-1000 shells at passing doves. A BBQ lunch will be served each day in the fields.
Day 5-6 - Fish for Golden Dorado in the delta or on the Corriente and Paraná Rivers. The area fished will depend on water levels and fishing conditions.
Day 7 - Depart for Corrientes Airport for your departure flight home.

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