FRA Tailwater Fly Selection

FRA Tailwater Fly Selection from Front Range Anglers

Belive it or not, but these tiny flies are what catches the biggest trout during the cold winter months.  These are just a few of the staff favorites.  Tie these on to 6x tippet and hold on when the big one hits. Flies come in a clear plastic fly box.

The flies are as follows:

Zebra Midge - Black - Sz 20

Zebra Midge - Red - Sz 20

Harvester Midge - Brown - Sz 18

Top Secret Midge - Brown -  Sz 22

Blue Poison Tung - Sz 18

BTS Mayfly - Dk. Olive - Sz 20

UV Emerger Midge - Sz 22

Price: $24.95

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