G Loomis Pro 4x Fly Rod

G Loomis Pro 4x Fly Rod at Front Range Anglers

Gloomis took a page from their NRX blank technology to develop a new series of fly rods that "new-to-the-sport" and intermediate flyfishers will learn to appreciate and expert anglers will wonder how this much performance gets packed into such an affordable package. A new taper design along with a noticeable weight-reduction in the upper half of the blank allows them to make a fly rod that is incredibly light, recovers quickly and casts with unbelievable precision. It's the G.Loomis way... reduce as much weight as possible, take total advantage of the materials and create a taper that is dynamic, efficient and user-friendly. They are as beautiful to look at as they are to cast. A rod any flyfisher would be proud to own!!

FRA's take on the new GLoomis Pro 4x fly rod.
"When Gloomis came out with the NRX the staff was blown away at the quality of the rod.  A very positive response is certainly expected from a rod that carries a $700+ price tag. One year later we got to test out a few of the new Pro 4x rods.  I can confidently say that this rods blows away any competitors in the price range and beats out many of the $500 plus rods on our rack.  The Pro 4x is all about performance, it just so happens to have a very affordable price tag.  Once again Loomis wowed the staff with the release of the new line of rods. "

Rod Model Sections Weight Rod Length Price Taper Power
Pro4x 1084-4 4-piece 4wt 9' $350 $280 Med-Stiff Fast
Pro4x 1086-4 4-piece 6wt 9' $350 $280 Med-Stiff Fast
Pro4x 1088-4 4-piece 8wt 9' $350 $280 Stiff Fast


Price: $280.00

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