Galvan Rush Spools

Galvan Rush Spools at Front Range Anglers

The Galvin Rush fly reel is a mid priced reel that has Galvin's state of the art drag system. Built around the same sealed drag system as the torque but has a scaled down spool and frame design to keep the overall cost down. These reels come in three through twelve weight sizes to match your favorite species, and comes with a black to keep a low proflie on the water. The Galvin Rush is state of the art performance with a great price tag.

Reel Model Width (spool) Diameter Weight (oz) Line Weight Capacity Price
R-3 (Extra Spool) .850" 3   2-3 WF2F+75 yds WF3F+50yds $103
R-4 (Extra Spool) .850" 3.25   4-5 WF4F+100yds WF5F+75yds $112
R-5 (Extra Spool) .900" 3.5   5-6 WF5F+125yds WF6F+100yds $121
R-6 (Extra Spool) .950" 3.75   6-7 WF6F+150yds WF7F+125yds $147
R-8 (Extra Spool) 1.25" 4   8 WF8F+200yds $157
R-10 (Extra Spool) 1.35" 4.25   10 WF10F+250yds $167
R-12 (Extra Spool) 1.35" 4.5   12 WF12F+300yds $167


Price: $103.00

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