GLoomis Casting Compitition

Gloomis Casting Competition During FRA's Grand Opening

Want to win a Gloomis NRX fly rod by showing off your skills on the casting platform?  We thought so!  So FRA has designed a great way to show off to your buddies while drinking beer, eating food, and enjoying our Grand Opening.  In the park across the street, we will have a distance and accuracy competition set up.  For you to try your hand at winning, there is no charge and no pressure.  Just another way to have fun and maybe even share some casting pointers. 

When - Saturday April 9th
Time - Two heats 10am and 12 noon finals are at 3pm
Where - Front Range Anglers Grand Opening Party
How Much - FREE
Prizes: 1st - GLoomis NRX
              2nd - GLoomis Crosscurrent Reel
              3rd- Looms hat and shirt
              Longest Cast - Loomis hat and shirt

The Official Rules:
Accuracy - targets will be placed at varying distances on dry land. The course may be altered just prior to the event, but will remain set once the first caster has begun. There will be three targets for accuracy. Each angler will attempt three casts at each target. Each accuracy target will have only one ring. Each achieved target results in one hundred (100) points. When the fly lands within and/or on the edge of any ring, it is considered an achieved target. The first place the fly hits the ground will be judged, not bounced, shifted and/or moved casts. If any cast touches land on a forward cast, known as a “tick”, that attempt it will result in a immediate score or forfeiture of that cast. Anglers can bail out to the back and regroup as long as time permits (2:00). The total number of achieved targets will be multiplied by three (3). There is a possibility of two thousand seven hundred (2700)
points in the accuracy casting.

Distance - cast will be judged on actual distance within a casting lane. Anglers will have three (3) distance casts. A cast will be forfeited if any portion of the fly line, leader, or the fly itself lands on or outside the casting lane. If any cast touches land on a forward cast, known as a “tick”, whether inadvertent or not, it will result in a score. Forfeiture of a distance cast occurs if the fly touches land on a forward cast and is removed before accurate scoring can take place. Distance will be measured in full foot increments and rounded to the nearest (down or up) whole foot. Only casts longer than fifty (50) feet will be counted. The longest of the three recorded distance casts will be multiplied by ten (10). This number will then be added to the total from the accuracy portion.

In the event of a points tie to make finals the angler with the longer cast will move on.  If a points tie occurs during the finals competitors will be asked to do another round of just distance casts.  Shoot for the win!

Call or email to pre-register or just show up and sign up the day of! 

See you all there.

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