Discovered in 1512 by Christopher Columbus, the Bay Islands of Honduras still offer a somewhat primitive character and an "off-the-beaten-path" feel. While there are a handful of resorts and small hotel operations, the islands have largely escaped the attention of the mega-resorts and (with the exception of Roatan's West End) the cruise ship hordes. The Bay Islands have a colorful history quite distinct from that of mainland Honduras. The islanders are native English speakers and are proud of their traditions. During the 17th century, these islands became a refuge for British pirates who preyed on Spanish ships setting out from the nearby port of Trujillo on the long voyage back to the mother country. There was even a pirate stronghold on Roatan called Port Royal. According to local legend, the loot from the Henry Morgan's 1671 raid on Panama is buried somewhere on the island. Britain and Spain fought over the Bay Islands several times during the 18th century and in 1797, the British marooned 5,000 rebel Garifunas from St. Vicent on their shores. Most eventually migrated to the mainland, and the islands were later settled by black and white farmers from the Cayman Islands. In 1859, Britain ceded the islands to Honduras.

Today, when you arrive in Guanaja to the warm climate and equally warm and friendly communities of the Bay Islands, you'll begin to feel right at home. Settle back in a hammock with a cool drink, walk the white-sand beaches and jungle trails, or string up an 8-weight and step on to the flats in search of bonefish and permit.

Typical Length of Stay

Standard packages are 7 night / 6 day packages, although trips and itineraries of any length can be arranged. Please call Yellow Dog for details.

Accommodations and Lodging

Graham's PlaceThere is a new hotel style building at Grahams's with 16 double rooms that can accommodate 4 people in each, and 5 single rooms. The rooms at Graham's are very comfortable and spacious. All feature one or two large beds, air conditioning, ceiling fans, and private bathrooms and showers. While not overly-fancy, they are clean, comfortable, and colorful. The larger one-level bungalows are ideal for couples or for families. Spacious, with wood accents throughout, each of these rooms features a front deck that drops immediately onto the beach and is only steps from the water. Each bungalow can accommodate up to six.

Food and Beverages

The open air bar and restaurant area at Graham's is where you will enjoy all meals. You can order off the menu for all meals. While not over the top, much of the fare is centered around fresh, local sea food. Meals are included in your package, and you can run a bar tab for the duration of your stay and pay when checking out at the end of the week. One of our favorite things about the restaurant and bar area is that you can sit in the shade and look down on the home flats, literally spotting cruising bonefish from the barstools. Keep your bonefish rod rigged and close at hand when drinking at Graham's!

Fishing Information

Graham's Place BonefishGraham’s Place fits the bill for those looking for a cheap "do-it-yourself" trip and offers what we think is the best lodging and fishing value anywhere in the Caribbean. It is not fancy or full service, and in fact is "Caribbean funky" and colorful in the island way. The large home flats, however, mean that you can wade directly from Graham's and walk for several miles on hard-bottomed, shallow flats. These flats are home to great numbers of bonefish; large schools of 2-3 pound fish, and larger fish in the five-pound-plus range as well. You can also find permit on a regular basis, fish that average 5-12 pounds and often-times appear like clockwork with the incoming tides each day.

We love the fact that you can literally grab an 8-wt, a single box of flies, and a spool of tippet and head out for hours on your own. If you have bonefished before and know what to look for, chances are good you'll do just fine wading these flats on your own. Small, light flies with weed guards are what you want for these home flats, and generally you will want to fish 12-15 pound fluorocarbon leaders and tippet, as anything lighter has a hard time holding up to the chunks of coral and rocks scattered across the flats. This can be called fairly technical flats fishing, mostly due to the coral and rock "minefields" scattered over most of the flats. This, however, also makes the flats great for stalking fish, as schools of bones and permit, as well as large singles and doubles, can often be found tailing and feeding in incredibly shallow, skinny water.

If you're headed down with a non-angler or the family, you can easily wade out for a couple of hours and then return to the island for swimming, snorkeling, beach play, or sea kayaking. There are very few places that allow this easy and immediate access to flats where you can wade on your own. Factor that in with the low cost of the resort package, and this is an ideal do-it-yourself economy trip.

For those anglers that want to hire a guide (and we strongly recommend this for at least some of the days that you are on Guanaja) we have access to a couple of very professional, very competent guides on the island. We first fished with these guys back in 2003, and have been back several times since. They are great guides, know the Guanaja waters well, and are a pleasure to fish with. This guided option will definitely help you catch more fish, and will expose you to the other areas of Guanaja that you cannot reach on your own by foot or via sea kayak.

Boats and Equipment

You will need to bring all of your own gear and equipment to Graham's, including rods and reels and some heavy-duty, quality wading boots. If you do opt to hire a local guide, then you will fish and access the more distant flats from a standard 23' panga. Be sure to have your own selection of flies, leaders, and all terminal tackle as well.

Non-Angling Activities and Options

Beautiful GuanajaFor non-anglers, the Bay Islands offer a multitude of activities and attractions. Guanaja is rated among the world’s top dive destinations, and it’s the perfect place for either beginner or experienced divers and snorkelers.

With pristine coral reefs, abundant marine life, and warm Caribbean seas, it’s easy to see why. Other activities include sea kayaking, hiking, birding, island tours, and more.

How To Get There

This is an incredibly inexpensive trip once you make it to Guanaja. The hardest part and the most expensive part is actually getting there! Yellow Dog makes arrangements with a local airline that offers regularly scheduled flights from Roatan International Airport and San Pedro-Sula International Airport to Guanaja Airport. This is by far the fastest, most reliable and efficient way of getting to Guanaja. We work with a transfer company on Roatan who will meet you when you arrive on your international flight and check you in to the domestic flight to Guanaja. We have included the price of this flight into the package price for Graham’s Place. The airline that runs from Roatan to Guanaja does not run on Sundays, so please do not plan on transferring on Sunday.

Arrival and Departure Details / Times

You can arrive and depart Graham's Place on any day of the week with the exception of Sundays. Be sure to arrive in plenty of time to make the transfer flight from Roatan or San Pedro-Sula over to Guanaja, a flight that has to be made during daylight hours. Please call Yellow Dog to discuss flight itineraries.

2012 Package Rates

The rate packages below include lodging, meals, transfers and all taxes. These are complete packages that include everything EXCEPT the fishing. Flats fishing and off-shore fishing can be added on a pre-day basis. Please call Yellow Dog for custom package pricing.

Length of Stay Price
7 Nights / 6 Fishing Days $1,090
6 Nights / 5 Fishing Days $970
5 Nights / 4 Fishing Days $850
4 Nights / 3 Fishing Days $730

Guided Flats Fishing --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- $375
Price is for 1 or 2 anglers

* Remember that Yellow Dog's services are completely free! When you book a trip with Yellow Dog, you never pay more than when you book directly with the lodge or outfitter.

What's Included

  • All lodging and accommodations at Graham’s Place
  • Round trip flights from Roatan International Airport to Guanaja Airport (Arranged by Yellow Dog)
  • Water transfers between the Guanaja Airport and the lodge
  • Three meals per day
  • Unlimited snorkeling and free use of kayaks
  • All applicable taxes

What's Not Included

  • Optional guided daily fishing
  • Beer, wine and alcohol
  • Appetizers ordered off the menu
  • International flight to Roatan International
  • Honduran Departure Tax
  • Rods, reels, flies, terminal tackle, and all fishing equipment
  • Gratuities for guides and staff

Travel Arrangements

Yellow Dog has a full in-house travel and reservations system, and can assist with airline tickets, hotels, transfers, and all travel logistics for every destination that we offer. Contact us at 888-777-5060 or for more details on airfare ticketing, travel services and trip insurance.

Other Information

The Bay Islands rest upon the Bonacca Ridge, the result of an enormous crack which runs long the ocean floor, about 40 miles northeast of the north coast of Honduras. Lava from the earth's mantle welled up through this crack and formed the Caribbean plate, which buckled and created the Bonacca Ridge. Roatan is 40 miles long and less than 4 miles wide at its widest point. The nearby island of Guanaja is 11 miles long and only 3 miles wide.

Another neat aspect of Graham's is his "marina aquarium," a large penned in area home to dozens of sea turtles and a variety of fish, including nurse sharks, tarpon, grouper, barracuda, puffer-fish, and a school of what are easily 10-pound bonefish. Enjoy the sea life while sipping a cold Salva Vida beer, or grab a mask and jump right in the pen!

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