Greys G Series Fly Reel

Greys G Series Fly Reel at Front Range Anglers

A very high quality entry level reel that a beginner will use with confidence and probably keep throughout its life.  On the other hand, this is a good looking, efficient, superbly light reel which teams up with any of the Greys range of shorter river rods where balance and delicacy are essential. 

* Made of lightweight die-cast aluminum for strength and durability
* Click and pawl drag system of the G1 model makes it a great reel to balance light rods
* Higher line sizes feature a more powerful disc drag system
* Easy to change spools

Model Code Capacity (m) Weight (oz) Diameter Price ($)
G1 GSRG1 WF4 + 75 3.6 2.67 $45.00
G2 GSRG2 WF6 + 80 5.0 3.07 $55.00
G3 GSRG3 WF7 + 175 5.6 3.34 $59.00


Price: $45.00

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