Greys Streamlight Spools

Greys Streamlight Fly Reels at Front Range Anglers

Although designed to complement the Streamflex rod range, the Streamlites team up with all the lightweight Greys’ rods to great effect. They are light but resilient. Well balanced but robust. Superb looking but practical with immaculate performance. It’s the ultra smooth wide-range, click-check system that delivers constant control that is  he reel’s headline. Use the lightest of tippets in back to the wall situations with complete confidence.

  • Wide-ranging, click-check system gives faultless control. Protects even the lightest of tippets
  • Raised and bolted reel foot gives immense strength, important when fishing along difficult terrain
  • The gold and silver finish and soft touch handle complete the classic look of a performance reel


Model Code Rod Weight Capacity (m) Weight (oz/g) Diameter Price
Streamlite Reel 2/3 GSLR010 2-4wt WF3+40 3.4 / 98 2.78 / 70.5 $109
Streamlite Reel 3/4 GSLR020 3-5wt WF4+45 3.6 / 103 2.93 / 74.4 $95
Streamlite Reel 4/5 GSLR030 4-6wt WF5+55 3.7 / 106 3.08 / 78.2 $99


Price: $109.00

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