Hardy Classic Lightweight Fly Rod

Hardy Classic Lightweight Fly Rod at Front Range Anglers

Our Classic range draws its inspiration from our past, but by utilising every trick of modern technology we have made every item in it totally compatible with the future. Reels like the Cascapedia, the Bougle or the Lightweight might well have been in manufacture for decades but constant modifications have made sure their performance is everything anyone would expect in 2009. The new Classic Lightweight and Glass rod ranges owe a lot to past designs, but are perfected through modern technological processes to meet the demands and expectations of modern fishermen. These new Lightweight rods are at the core of the Classic range. Great to look at with traditional fittings and cosmetics, they also load well and give a smooth, accurate delivery. The slightly reduced resin content in the tip speeds recovery and gives a rod that crispness river anglers especially need for tight controlled casting.

  • Four models in the range
  • Classic good looks, traditional design, modern performance
  • Hardy's patented, traditionally styled universal reel holder
  • Easy loading action and smooth power delivery
  • Low resin content in the tip of the rod for increased recovery rate
  • Rods match the Lightweight reel range
  • Complete with tube and canvas carry bag.


FRA's Review of the Hardy Classic Lightweight:
"The unique thing about the Lightweight series of rods is that they are built with 90% graphite and 10% glass.  This paring of materials give the great presentation qualities and a feel that is unmatched.  The graphite provides a strong backbone and a softer mid and tip section, even allow a size 12 caddis fall quietly onto the water.  This is a great rod for Colorado anglers who find themselves fishing a lot of dry dropper rigs." ~FRA

Model Length (ft / m) Line Weight Sections Weight (oz / g) Handle Action Price ($) Promotion
Classic Flyweight 6' / 1.82 #2 2 1.45 / 41 Mod RHW Med-Fast 375.00 Save $15 on a Fly Line
Receive a $15 Gift Card
Classic Lightweight 7' / 2.13 #3 2 1.35 / 38 Mod RHW Med-Fast 395.00 Save $15 on a Fly Line
Receive a $15 Gift Card
Classic LRH Lightweight 8'6 / 2.59 #4 4 2.41 / 68 Mod RHW Med-Fast 425.00 Save $15 on a Fly Line
Receive a $15 Gift Card
Classic LRH Lightweight 9' / 2.74 #5 4 2.82 / 80 Mod RHW Med-Fast 475.00 Save $15 on a Fly Line
Receive a $15 Gift Card



"These rods are beautifully fishable on the smaller rivers that I adore. Tradition and modernity merge seamlessly. But aesthetics are important. The gorgeous rod tube. The superbly designed canvas carrying bag. The graphics. The beautifully sculptured silver stoppers. The feel and shape of the handle. You don't need a rod as beautiful or as beautifully presented, but then if everything in fishing was simply down to pragmatism, we'd empty the river with nets or dynamite."
Dan Goff - hotelier, river and coastal guide

Price: $375.00

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