Hardy Gladstone Fly Rod

Hardy Gladstone Fly Rod at Front Range Anglers

A quality cane rod, handmade in Alnwick by Calum Gladstone from hand split Tonkin Bamboo.

Hardy have been hand crafting bamboo fly rods in Alnwick, England since 1872 - that's almost 140 years of experience, and the introduction of its best ever range of bamboo rods only re-affirms its commitment to the bamboo from which its winning history was born.

To say that the Hardy Bros Master Bamboo Rod Builders are passionate about their work is an understatement - to them it is without a doubt a passion not just a profession. Even without meeting Tom Moran or Calum Gladstone in the flesh, this becomes clearly obvious when you first cast your eyes over one of their stunning, hand crafted, Hardy Bros bamboo fly rods.

The first thing you notice might be the Hardy Bros crystal clear finish on the on the pure silk wraps with their single tippings, or it might be the hand filed, heat pressed nodes, or the beautifully hand scripted artwork. Look a little further and you'll notice the ‘Super Z' rod joints, the Moran style hook keeper and the ‘flor' grade cork handle.

Even when you are slipping the rod sections back into their canvas rod sleeve, which, incidently is also ‘Made in England', or as you're turning the solid brass end cap of the rod tube, you'll appreciate the craftsmanship and passion that has gone into building this individual rod just for you.

Even in the already ultra high quality world of handmade aficionados from around the world, we believe these Hardy Bros. Bamboo rods have set a new standard for build quality and attention to detail that others will strive to follow.

  • Handmade in Alnwick, England by Calum Gladstone, master rod builder
  • Hand split Tonkin bamboo
  • Hand filed, heat pressed nodes
  • Gladstone style swelled butt
  • Flamed finish as standard, Blonde finish to order
  • ‘Permali' wooden joint protectors
  • Classic Hardy Bros style cork handle and reel seat spacer
  • Gun Metal ‘W' style reel fitting
  • Pure silk wraps with single tipping
  • Hardy Bros crystal clear finishing
  • Alloy tube with solid brass end cap and stop, rod bag also Made In England.
  • Designed, developed, engineered and manufactured in Alnwick England to the exacting standards of Hardy Bros.
  • Comes with 2x ‘Mirrored' tips as standard

Due to being handmade to order, our bamboo rods are not available to buy online. If you're interested in ordering please contact your local Hardy dealer, or call our Alnwick headquarters on +44 (0) 1665 602 771

FRA's Review of the Hardy Gladstone Fly Rod:
"It is rods like these that Hardy has built their company on.  These handcrafted beauties must been held in order to appreciate there quality and charm.
Watch how a Hardy bamboo fly fishing rod is made by Master Craftsman, Callum Gladstone. "


Model Code Length (ft / m) Rating Sections Price ($)  
Gladstone Blonde Finish 6'6 #3 2pc BRGL010 6'6 / 1.98 #3 2 $3,595.00
Gladstone Blonde Finish 7' #4 2pc BRGL020 7' / 2.13 #4 2 $3,595.00
Gladstone Blonde Finish 7'6 #4 2pc BRGL030 7'6 / 2.29 #4 2 $3,595.00
Gladstone Blonde Finish 7'6 #5 2pc BRGL040 7'6 / 2.29 #5 2 $3,595.00
Gladstone Blonde Finish 8' #5 2pc BRGL050 8' / 2.44 #5 2 $3,595.00
Gladstone Flamed Finish 6'6 #3 2pc BRGL010F 6'6 / 1.98 #3 2 $3795.00
Gladstone Flamed Finish 7' #4 2pc BRGL020F 7' / 2.13 #4 2 $3795.00
Gladstone Flamed Finish 7'6 #4 2pc" BRGL030F 7'6 / 2.29 #4 2 $3795.00
Gladstone Flamed Finish 7'6 #5 2pc" BRGL040F 7'6 / 2.29 #5 2 $3795.00
Gladstone Flamed Finish 8' #5 2pc BRGL050F 8' / 2.44 #5 2 $3795.00


Price: $3,595.00

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