Hardy Zenith Fly Rod - Skeletal Reel Seat

Hardy Zenith Fly Rod at Front Range Anglers

The Zenith series of rods uses the amazing properties of Hardy & Greys SINTRIX material in an ultra-advanced, four-section design to produce a range of rods that are user-friendly yet high performance.

SINTRIX rods have an incredible strength to weight ratio and come fitted with titanium line guide and superb skeletal reel seat. These are NOT the updated models with the Maple burlwood seat.

  • SINTRIX - up to a 60% increase in compressive strength.
  • Incredible strength to weight ratio.
  • High performance, fast action design.
  • Top of the line Titanium guides from REC and Fuji.
  • Stunning Hardy designed two part skeletal reel seat.

All SINTRIX products utilise a 3M matrix resin. The specific mix of material used for SINTRIX is exclusive, and therefore unique, to Hardy & Greys Ltd.


FRA's Review of the Hardy Zenith Fly Rod:
"The Zenith is a rod that is built to fish.  Sintrix technology allows these rods to be extremely light, powerful in the butt section, and increases compression strength by 60%.  What that means for an angler, is a softer action rod that has the ability to hit targets in close as well as at distance with unmatched accuracy.  The taper of the Zenith is matched flawlessly to meet the needs of trout angler around the world.   Bottom line this might just be the best trout rod ever released. Get your hands on one today and understand the difference."

Model Length (ft / m) Rating Sections Weight (oz) Handle Action Price ($)
Zenith 390-4 9' #3 4 2.93 RHW Fast $629 $439
Zenith 3100-4 10' #3 4 3.10 RHW Fast $719 $499
Zenith 4100-4 10' #4 4 3.25 RHW Fast $719 $499


Price: $439.00

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