Hatch 5 Plus Finatic Spool

Hatch 5 Plus Spool at Front Range Anglers

Hatch understands the passion and commitment that it takes to call yourself a steelheader, or a flats fly fisherman that chases bonefish or permit. Hatch has now made a fly reel to match this obsession. Born out of the same passion Hatch offers the Monsoon 5 Plus fly reel to run fly line weights 5-7. So if you are wading in the streams of the Pacific Northwest or the flats of the Belize you have the fly reel to get fish to hand.

*Rulon™ and stainless steel discs apply even drag pressure and heat distribution over multiple surfaces water resistant, maintenance-free and self-lubricating.
*By adding dimension to the frame, we create a backbone effect thereby increasing strength, durability, and the virtual elimination of lateral flex.
*We take great pride in how and where our reels are made. That's why all Hatch reels are made in our own manufacturing facility in Vista, California.
*A solid is always stronger than two parts bound together. Also by eliminating the screws, there is no worry about corrosion or the reel foot loosening. Ever.
*The spool nut on all of our reels is captured within the spool. Thereby eliminating the worry of losing any parts when removing the spool.

Reel Model Weight (oz) Diameter Width Line Capacity Arbor Choice Rod Weight Color Price
Hatch 5 Plus (Extra Spool)     0.94 5 : 130 / 6: 110 / 7: 90 #20 Dacron Large Arbor 3 : 160 / 4: 140 / 5: 120 #20 Dacron Mid Arbor Mid Arbor, Large Arbor 5-7wt   $205


Price: $205.00

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