Hatch Guide to Western Streams - Jim Schollmeyer

Hatch Guide to Western Streams at Front Range Anglers

Hatch Guide to Western Streams - Jim Schollmeyer:

Covers all you need for a productive trip on our Western streams.
Successful fishing on Western streams requires preparation-you need to know what insects are emerging, when and where, and which patterns best match them. Now, thanks to Jim Schollmeyer, the guessing is over. Hatch Guide for Western Streams is the third in Jim's successful Hatch Guide series. Jim covers all you need for a productive trip on Western streams: water types you'll encounter; successful fishing techniques; identifying the major hatches, providing basic background information about these insects. Information is presented in a simple, clear manner. A full-color photograph of the natural is shown on the left-hand page, complete with its characteristics, habits and habitat; the right-hand page shows three flies to match the natural, including effective fishing techniques.
Color photos of naturals and flies.

Full-color; 4x5 inches, 196 pgs.

Price: $22.95

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