Musky Country - Zero to Hero

Zero to Hero - Musky Country at Front Range Anglers

This is a film like few have ever witnessed before.  Musky on the fly.  Musky Country - Zero to Hero will go into the heat of Wisconsin and into the heads of some of the most seasoned musky fly guys around.  Z2H will transport you into the beast, and along the journey, show you an angling frontier right in the heartland -- Norther Wisconsin.  This remarkable stage and these remarkable fish have a way of capturing anglers more son than the reverse...witness the authentic and true tale of Musky Country!

As a bonus, watch the catch and release of a world record like class musky on a fly by angler Brad Bohen.  There are also extra cuts about fly design and musky theory.  A true cult DVD.



Price: $29.95

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