With the versatility of Nomads' 150-foot live-aboard mothership "The Atmosphere," a multi-tiered aero-maritime transportation system, and the expertise of experienced guides and crew members, Nomads can deliver a week-long, high-end adventure unlike anything found in the world of fishing. The Nomads program utilizes a cutting-edge transport system that includes two Bell 407 helicopters, 3 jet-boats, a Hurricane 920 RIB zodiac, and other smaller watercraft such as zodiacs, drift boats and jet skiffs pre-positioned in strategic spots throughout Patagonia. This equipment allows Nomads to penetrate into the region’s most secluded and untouched rivers, lagoons and mountain fisheries; places that – in all likelihood – have only been accessed by Nomads and its guests. Having the privilege to reach spots which have never been touched by other anglers is just one of the many amazing aspects of this fishing program. Nomads’ mothership – The Atmosphere – offers the perfect combination of substantial exploration capabilities and high-end, full-service live-aboard accommodations and amenities.

Typical Length of Stay

A standard package with Nomads of the Seas runs Saturday through Saturday (7 nights and 6 days of fishing). All trips begin and end in Puerto Montt, Chile.

Accommodations and Lodging

Nomads of the Seas BarNomads’ mothership – the Atmosphere – offers the perfect combination of substantial exploration capabilities and high-end, full-service live-aboard accommodations and amenities. The ship is fully equipped as to guarantee a pleasant, exciting and safe voyage through Patagonian coastal waters. Approximately 150 feet in length, Atmosphere is categorized as a "Small Ship". Its overall capacity is 28 passengers (including and maximum of 12 anglers) and an additional 32 crew members, which the vessel is capable of transporting in all types of weather, seas and visibility conditions. Design-wise, the Atmosphere features a complex engineering layout in order to safely and usefully accommodate all of the aero-maritime transportation crafts that this operation requires.

In the beginning, when Nomads of the Seas was just an idea, the elements that the ship must have were already clear to the owners and designers. They knew that it would have to be an intimate, comfortable and stylish vessel, with each space created to give passengers maximum comfort. The second great requirement for the Atmosphere was that it should have the capacity to carry a complete and sophisticated “aero-marine system” that was able to transport passengers deep into the wilds of Patagonia in the hardest geographic and weather conditions. With all of this taken into consideration, the Atmosphere was conceived and designed by a team comprised of Nomads of the Seas and Asenav Shipyard professionals. Asenav, also in charge of the actual building, is a company internationally renowned for its work with Patagonia-navigating ships. The entire design and building process took approximately two years, and concluded in October 2006.

Each cabin on the ship (10 twin cabins and 4 double cabins) has been specially designed to give passengers the privacy and comfort they need. Nomads has made a great effort to provide passengers with natural and tasteful interiors, to make you feel just as if you were home. You'll also experience five-star, attentive service during your entire trip.

Food and Beverages

Guests can expect daily gourmet events throughout their entire journey aboard the Atmosphere. There will also be special tasting's featuring the best Chilean wines, including some which are very hard to find in the market. The inaugural dinner on board will provide an introduction to Patagonian cuisine. Guests will be able to dishes such as antipasto, pickled quail, duck confit, and shrimp, all served in a wide array of presentations. The farewell meal with Nomads includes an extraordinary dinner and tasting event which will allow guests to experience the best of both Patagonian and Chilean cuisine. Each day, lunch is as much a part of the adventure as is the daily activity. When fishing, guides will usually prepare hot meals served with the finest wines on the banks of a beautiful Chilean river. Non-anglers will enjoy the same level of service, with each lunch set up and enjoyed in a different setting and location.

Fishing Information

Chilean Brown TroutNomads’ “Ultimate Fly Fishing Program” offers the thrill of angling in pristine and virgin places that have – in all likelihood – only been accessed by Nomads and its guests. Having the privilege to reach spots which have never been touched by other anglers is just one of the many amazing aspects of this fishing program. The concept of Nomads’ program means total access to any fly fishing destination within Atmosphere’s wide navigation area. Nomads' complete “aero-maritime system” (helicopter, jet boats, zodiacs, drift boats and more) grants a high degree of flexibility which allows anglers to successfully overcome all varying conditions associated with water levels, meteorology and fish behavior. There is no such thing as being bound to a specific location; groups are free to explore privileged sites, including many that rarely see anglers. Because of these factors, large numbers of trout as well as trophy-sized fish are not hard to find with Nomads. The fishing areas accessed by Nomads are distinguished by a rich population of salmonid species of varying sizes: rainbow and brown trout, resident brook trout, the occasional sea-run browns, and some silver (Coho), king (Chinook) and Atlantic salmon.

The fishing program is organized into a variety of different daily outings, each of which includes one guide for every two fishermen. All of the Nomads guides have been thoroughly trained to find fish, teach the fundamentals of fishing, and also help anglers use the most effective casting and presentation techniques for the area.

Heli Drifts / Jet Skiffs - Anglers are flown in to specific locations via helicopter that are particularly beautiful and difficult to reach. McKenzie drift boats and jet skiffs that have been pre-positioned in these areas, await guests and guides. Anglers will then enjoy an excellent fishing of day before the helicopter returns to fly them back to the Atmosphere.

Heli Zodiac / Catarafts / Drift Boats - Anglers, alongside portable zodiac boats, are flown out to the fishing site to enjoy a full day of floating and fishing an area river. After a full day of fly-fishing, the helicopter picks everybody up and flies back to the Atmosphere.

Jet Boats - Anglers reach their fishing destinations by way of Alaskan-style jet boats especially designed for this activity.

Boats and Equipment

Nomads of the Seas relies on a cutting edge aero-maritime transport system that consists of two Bell 407 helicopters, three jet-boats, a Hurricane 920 RIB zodiac, and dozens of other watercrafts that include zodiacs, fiberglass drift boats and catarafts. More than 36 McKenzie-style drift boats and 12 jet skiffs have been strategically pre-placed throughout the region, readily available for Nomads anglers and guides. This equipment allows Nomads to fish and explore deep into the region’s most secluded rivers, lagoons and mountain fisheries.

Non-Angling Activities and Options

Nomads of the SeasPatagonian Chile has much to offer the non-angler, and there is a great deal more to explore than just the trout fisheries. Nomads’ Wildlife Adventures Program is designed to allow non-anglers to discover Chilean Patagonia along with first class scientists and expert guides. Guests travel deep into Patagonian territory to uncover the mysteries that this region has to offer, as well as enjoying specialized expeditions like trekking, sea and river kayaking, panoramic flights, whale watching, high-speed zodiac rides, penguin trips, hot springs fly-ins, catered mountain-peak lunches, hiking, and numerous other amazing activities.

How To Get There

Overnight flights from the United States to-and-from Santiago, Chile (Airport Code: SCL) are available on American Airlines, Delta or Lan Chile. From there you fly by Lan Chile 737 jet to the Puerto Montt Airport, approximately two hours south of Santiago. When you arrive, a representative from Nomads will be waiting for you at the airport and will transfer you to the ship.

Arrival and Departure Details / Times

Most guests take an overnight flight to Santiago, Chile, arriving early in the morning. After processing through customs and immigration, you can easily catch a late-morning or early afternoon flight to Puerto Montt. This two hour flight is incredibly scenic, traveling along the Chilean Andes. Once you arrive in Puerto Montt, you will be met at the airport and transferred to the marina, where you will board the ship.

2012 Fishing Package Rates

All rates listed here are per person. A standard package with Nomads of the Seas runs Saturday through Saturday (7 nights and 6 days of fishing)

Occupancy Cabin Bed(s) Rate Tax Total Rate
Single Deluxe Twin/King $10,761 $2,044 $12,805
Single Premium King $13,989 $2,658 $16,647
Double Deluxe Twin/King $8,277 $1,573 $9,850
Double Premium King $10,761 $2,044 $12,805

* Remember that Yellow Dog's services are completely free! When you book a trip with Yellow Dog, you never pay more than when you book directly with the lodge or outfitter.

What's Included

  • All transfers between the Puerto Montt, Chile Airport and the ship
  • Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and all appetizers throughout the course of the week
  • Full open bar (except for certain special liquors)
  • All activities on board (sauna, hot tubs, lectures, wine tasting, etc.)
  • Double or single occupancy accommodations (according to the requested reservation)
  • Daily fly fishing excursions as scheduled
  • For non-angers, wildlife activities as scheduled
  • During all fly fishing excursions, Nomads of the Seas provides complimentary jet boat, helicopter, and zodiac services

What's Not Included

  • International airfare to Santiago Chile and domestic airfare to Puerto Montt, Chile
  • Tips and gratuities for crew, staff and guides
  • Extra jet boat or helicopter hours (beyond the course of the normal day)
  • Select brands of liquor, gift shop purchases, satellite phone, and satellite internet
  • Massages and Relax Area
  • Flies and other items of a personal nature
  • Fishing License - $25 per person
  • Waders, boots, rods and reels (if needed) can be rented for a cost of $70 per person, per day

Travel Arrangements

Yellow Dog has a full in-house travel and reservations system, and can assist with airline tickets, hotels, transfers, and all travel logistics for every destination that we offer. Contact us at 888-777-5060 or for more details on airfare ticketing, travel services and trip insurance..

Other Information

Patagonia is a region of South America shared between Chile in the west and Argentina in the east. Chilean Patagonia is a labyrinth of fjords, inlets, twisting peninsulas, and islands. It contains the world's second largest temperate rain forest blanketing the near impassable wall of the Andes. Fed by an extensive network of mountain lakes and rivers, this area provides some of the world's best fly fishing. Dense hardwood forests of beech, bamboo, and fern are home to abundant bird life and various game including deer. Glaciers and waterfalls provide a wonderful backdrop for fly anglers.

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