Renzetti Vise with C-Clamp

Renzetti Vise with C-Clamp w/ 1/16 mandrel at Front Range Anglers

Tube flies have a long and productive history in the fly fishing world. To accommodate their increasing popularity, we offer a complete Tube Fly vise . Tying tube flies has never been easier. The vise will handle tubes up to 4-inches long. It has a 1/16-inch diameter mandrels and a rotary tension screw. Vise shown with a Traveler C-Clamp The Traveler c-clamp with the 8" long stem is portable and efficient. Additional diameter mandrels available, including the 1/8" SW mandrel that allows you to tie tube flies up to 9" long. You may convert it to a base made by getting a Traveler base w/7" stem, part # X8003, or get the vise head model and use your traveler stem. Made in the USA

Price: $114.95

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