RIO 24ft Sink Tip

RIO 24ft Sink Tip at Front Range Anglers

24ft Sink Tip

The Density Compensated 24 ft sink tip lines from RIO are the best in the world. The short, thick body section behind the sinking tip makes these lines much easier to cast than competing lines, while the density compensated tip ensures the line tip sinks at the same speed as the body, resulting in better strike detection and more hook ups. The durable running line ensures that these fly lines will outlast anything else available. These lines are unbeatable for trout and all types of anadromous fish.

24 ft:
150 4.75 in per second 5/6 wt
200 5.5 in per second 6/7 wt
250 6.4 in per second 7/8 wt
300 7.3 in per second 8/9 wt
350 8.0 in per second 8/9 wt
400 8.4 in per second 10/11 wt

Length: 100 ft. Color-coded.


Price: $74.95

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