RIO Avid Trout Fly Line

RIO Avid Trout Fly Line at Front Range Anglers

Avid Trout

RIO's new Avid Series of lines were developed for the avid fly fisher with tapers and technology that enhance the fly fishing experience. The floating fly lines are super slick and all Avid lines are designed for easy casting performance, with slightly heavier and shorter head lengths.
RIO’s Avid Trout lines are all-purpose trout lines with easy casting tapers. The supple, self-lubricating coating is incredibly slick, while the front loaded taper casts all fly sizes with ease, delivering excellent turnover and presentation. With a head slightly heavier than the AFTMA standard, casters can load the rod easily - especially useful on modern faster action rods. The WF lines feature a welded loop on the front end for easy rigging.

WF3F to WF4F, Length: 80 ft (24.4m)
WF5F to WF8F, Length: 90ft (27.4m)

DT3F to DT4F, Length: 80 ft (24.4m)
DT5F to DT6F, Length: 90 ft (27.4m)

Color: Pale Yellow

Price: $54.95

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