RIO Indicator Leader

RIO Indicator Leader at Front Range Anglers

Indicator Leader

NEW for 2009

These 10 ft (3 m) tapered leaders feature a short orange butt section for attaching an indicator to, followed by a very long fine, level tippet section of about 7 ft. This is an excellent leader for chironomid fishing or whenever you need the flies to sink fast. The long, level tippet does not slow down the sink rate as a more conventional taper does and the heavy butt section makes casting the indicator easy. Ideal for nymphing out of a drift boat or in lakes.

10 ft (3 m); 6X - 0X

"X" Diameter Diameter Strength Strength Price
6X 0.005" 0.127mm 3.4lb 1.5kg $4.95
5X 0.006" 0.152mm 5lb 2.3kg $4.95
4X 0.007" 0.178mm 6.4lb 2.9kg $4.95
3X 0.008" 0.203mm 8.2lb 3.7kg $4.95
2X 0.009" 0.229mm 10lb 4.5kg $4.95
1X 0.010" 0.254mm 13lb 5.9kg $4.95
0X 0.011" 0.279mm 15lb 6.8kg $4.95
Price: $4.95

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