RIO Outbound Short Fly Line

RIO Outbound Short Fly Line at Front Range Anglers

OutBound® Short

A short head version of the incredibly popular OutBound lines. They are ideal for wading anglers or for coping with tough winds and big flies when a short head is necessary. The head is only 30 ft long and ensures fast, one-shot casts for maximum distance. The lighter sized lines are excellent for the trout angler fishing out of a drift boat and without doubt the very best choice of line for float tubers, while the larger sizes are particularly useful for the striper fly fisher. The line is built on a supple core and features a coldwater coating with XS Technology for extreme distance.

Come in 4 Different Styles


WF5F – WF12F  
Length: 100 ft
Color: Ivory running line with Moss head

Intermediate Tip

WF5F/I - WF10F/I
Length: 100 ft 
Color: Green Chartreuse running line with Ivory head and 15ft clear intermediate tip


WF5I/I – WF10I/I
Length: 100 ft
Color: Clear Intermediate head with translucent yellow intermediate running line

Fast Sinking

WF6I/S6 - WF10I/S6
Length: 100 ft
Color: Dark Gray Fast Sinking Head with Gray Intermediate Running Line



Price: $79.95

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