RIO Redfish Fly Line

RIO Redfish Fly Line at Front Range Anglers


RIO’s new Redfish fly line has a short back taper for fast casts and a mid length front taper that will present a fly without spooking back country Reds. The taper features an increase in weight towards the front of the line to make it easy to load rods at close range and to cope with typical saltwater winds. A hard, saltwater coating over a medium stiff core results in a fly line that will not wilt in most conditions and retains good loop control. The line is built with RIO's XS Technology that ensures the slickest of finishes and an AgentX undercoat to keep the running line and tip floating high. Includes a welded loop at both ends for easy rigging.

WF6F – WF10F
Length: 100 ft (30.5 m)
Color: Aqua Blue

Price: $79.95

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