RIO Skagit Flight VersiTip Spey Fly Line

RIO Skagit Flight VersiTip Spey Fly Line at Front Range Anglers

Skagit Flight VersiTip

New for 2012. For anglers that want to purchase a complete Skagit package.

  • Each box includes:
  • Skagit Flight shooting head
  • An appropriate diameter floating Powerflex core shooting line
  • Three appropriate sizes of Skagit MOW tips

Casting large, heavy flies and fast sinking tips has traditionally been tough for a spey caster. The advent of Skagit lines and Skagit casting techniques has completley changed this and allows even the most novice of anglers to cast the big stuff typical for the colder months and high water levels.

RIO's Skagit lines are 120 ft long in total and have a short back taper leading to a level, heavy head that ends with a loop. Anglers need to attach some form of tip to the front end of these lines; be it floating, intermediate or sinking. The heavy front end of the line lifts out fast sinking tips and the largest of flies with exceptional ease. Skagit casting is easy for novice or experienced casters to learn and exceptionally useful in situations with tight, restricted back casting space.


SKU Line Size Sink Rate Head Length Total Length Color
6-20650 400gr Floating 23ft 23ft/7m Pale Orange
6-20651 450gr Floating 24ft 24ft/7.3m Pale Orange
6-20652 500gr Floating 25ft 25ft/7.6m Pale Orange
6-20653 550gr Floating 25.5ft 25.5ft/7.8m Pale Orange
6-20654 600gr Floating 26.5ft 26.5ft/8m Pale Orange
6-20655 650gr Floating 27ft 27ft/8.2 Pale Orange


Price: $159.95

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