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RIO Skagit MOW Tips at Front Range Anglers

Skagit MOW Tips

Skagit MOW Tips are exceptionally easy casting, fish catching machines.

MOW Tips are based on the type of sink tips that Skagit maestros Mike McCune, Scott O’Donnell and Ed Ward have designed and used for years. Not only are the MOW tips exceptionally easy to cast, but they also give anglers far more precision in depth control than has ever been possible in the past.

The MOW tip concept is simple; keep the tip length the same, regardless of how long the sinking section is. The majority of MOW tips are 10 ft long and feature a combination of floating and sinking line that gives anglers the greatest depth control. The six tips are as follows:

1. 10 ft floating tip

2. 7.5 ft of floating line seamlessly integrated into 2.5 ft of sinking tip

3. 5 ft of floating line seamlessly integrated into 5 ft of sinking tip

4. 2.5 ft of floating line seamlessly integrated into 7.5 ft of sinking tip

5. 10 ft level sinking tip.

6. 12.5 ft level sinking tip

Each tip features RIO’s new skinny welded loop in both ends for the easiest and fastest rigging.

Three Sets Availble

Heavy, Medium and Light.  
The Heavy MOW tips utilize T-14 in all sinking sections and are for 575 grains and heavier
The Medium MOW tips utilize T-11 and are for lines between 475 and 575 grains.
The Light MOW tips utilize T-8 for all sinking sections and are for Skagit lines lighter than 475 grains.

Though this is a guideline, fly size is actually most important and big flies will cast easiest on the Heavy Tips, while light flies will respond best on the Light MOW Tips.

Skagit MOW tips are perfect for fishing through a pool at a variety of depths. An angler can literally “mow” through the pool - starting off shallow when necessary, and then changing the tip to fish a little deeper, changing again to get deeper still and again until all depths have been thoroughly covered.

Each set of MOW tips is available as a complete selection featuring all six tips within that size range, or individually. The suggested retail price of the full MOW Tip selection is $149.95, while the individual tips have a suggested retail price of $19.95 for the single density tips, and $24.95 for the integrated density tips.


Price: $19.95

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