RIO Steelhead Scandi Shooting Head

RIO Steelhead Scandi Shooting Head at Front Range Anglers

Steelhead Scandi Shooting Heads

RIO's latest shooting head range has been developed for anglers that prefer to cast shorter spey and switch rods.

The heads are shorter than other Scandinavian style heads, making it very easy to cast and load a fly rod, and novice to intermediate level casters will find these a real joy to cast.

The heads have been designed by steelhead legend and guru John Hazel, and they are perfect for the majority of US steelhead rivers - especially smaller rivers like the Deschutes, and Grand Ronde.

Shorter front tapers and more weight at the front help make these heads cast big flies and VersiLeaders easily, while also aiding casters when having to cope with tough winds. They are "butter smooth" to cast and  form exquisite loops with an unbelievable lack of effort.

Each head features RIO's new "skinny" welded and are labelled with length and grain weight. The recommended retail price of these heads is $49.95.

There are 9 different head sizes available, each one tuned to the most popular spey rod length and sizes. A good guideline for line length and effortless casting strokes is to us a ratio of under 3:1. For example, a 12 ft rod will be exceptionally easy to cast with a head length less than 36 ft. The heads available are:

31 ft 310 gr
31 ft 350 gr
31 ft 385 gr
31 ft 480 gr
32 ft 435 gr
33 ft 450 gr
34 ft 480 gr
34 ft 510 gr
34 ft 550 gr


Price: $49.95

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