Ross CLA Spool

Ross CLA Spool at Front Range Anglers

The CLA has set the standard for affordable, hybrid large arbor fly reels. The CLA series incorporates a superior drag mechanism that is extraordinarily smooth, heat resistant and provides incredible stopping power. While the CLA is offered at a reasonable price, no options have been overlooked. Each reel in this series is designed with a unique diameter and width to maximize the properties of drag consistency and quick line retrieval. The CLA has become our dealers' favorite for anglers that are looking for an American made, high quality, reasonably priced fly reel.

Reel Model Diameter Line Weight Color Price
CLA 1 (Spool Only) 3.00" 2-4 wt Black $95
CLA 1.5 (Spool Only) 3.125" 3-5 wt. Black $99
CLA 2 (Spool Only) 3.25" 4-6 wt. Black $105
CLA 3 (Spool Only) 3.50" 5-7 wt. Black $110
CLA 4 (Spool Only) 3.75" 7-9 wt. Black $125
CLA 5 (Spool Only) 4.00" 8-10 wt. Black $135
CLA 6 (Spool Only) 4.25" 10-12 wt. Black $150
CLA 7 (Spool Only) 4.50" 11-13 wt. Black $160


Price: $95.00

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