Ross Vexsis Spools

Ross Vexsis Spools at Front Range Anglers

The Vexsis fly reel series is loaded with modern Ross technology and innovative engineering. The drag system is based on the Momentum's Carbon Fiber design, but we have modified the drag system by adding in ceramic to enhance the overall performance. The Vexsis drag system is a very powerful push type system that utilizes a Carbon Fiber/Rulon/Ceramic/Aluminum stack-up to maximize the benefits of each of these materials. Consistency, strength, heat resistance, shock-dampening capabilities and infinite fatigue resistance are all properties of Carbon Fiber that benefit this system. The addition of Ceramic promotes strength in the overall design by providing an incompressible surface that is highly heat resistant. By combining these elements together in the correct sequence, you end up with a perfect fly reel braking system!

Reel Model Diameter Line Weight Color Price
Vexsis 1 (Spool Only) 3.00" 2-4 wt. black, green, grey mist $130
Vexsis 1.5 (Spool Only) 3.125" 3-5 wt. black, green, grey mist $135
Vexsis 2 (Spool Only) 3.25" 4-6 wt. black, green, grey mist $140
Vexsis 3 (Spool Only) 3.50" 5-7 wt. black, green, grey mist $150
Vexsis 4 (Spool Only) 3.75" 7-9 wt. black, green, grey mist $160


Price: $159.00

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