Sage TXL-F Fly Rod

Sage TXL-F Fly Rod at Front Range Anglers

Sage Fly Fishing is proud to introduce the new TXL-F, a dramatically improved version of our much-loved, ultra-light TXL. Amazing but true: The new TXL-F is a full 33% lighter than its nearly weightless predecessor, bringing a whole new meaning to the term “ultra-light.”

Simply put, TXL-F rods seem to literally float in your hand. But that’s only the beginning.

They have also significantly enhanced sensitivity and performance with the latest version of our exclusive G5 Technology, innovative new micro-ferrules and an ergonomic, snub-nose, half-wells grip for greater comfort and control. To maximize TXL-F performance, match it with our custom designed Sage Quiet Double Taper line and experience the full wonder of ultralight fly fishing.

From cascading freestones and meandering spring creeks to beaver ponds and farm tanks—or even the mountains of Japan—the TXL-F brings a new level of enjoyment to smaller waters everywhere. Fish one and your smile will say it all.  This rod is best matched with the Sage Click Reel and the Sage Quiet Taper Fly Line.

sage txl-f fly rod

FRA's Review of the Sage TXL-F:
The old TXL was my favorite high country small creek rods, but I had a few complaints with that old rod and the new TXL-F fly rod has put all those worries to rest.  Now 4 pieces this rods easily fits onto the side of a backpack to venture far into the backcountry.  Make no mistake this rod has lots of power, even in the 1 wt.  Tight loops and quiet presentation is the name of the game.  I can catch 6 inch greenback cutthroats in the outlet stream and then head to the lake and work 40+ feet of line with micro streams and catch 14 in cuts with ease.  A very versatile rod that makes small creek fishing a ton of fun.  Oh yeah and the mini wells grip feels so good in hand.

The Sage TXL-F come with a lifetime warranty to protect your investment for a lifetime of angling.

Model Sections Weight Length Rod Weight (oz) Price Reel Seat
000710-4 TXL-F 4-piece 000 7' 10" 1 7/16 $625 A
00710-4 TXL-F 4-piece 00 7' 10" 1 1/2 $625 A
0710-4 TXL-F 4-piece 0 7' 10" 1 5/8 $625 A
1710-4 TXL-F 4-piece 1 7' 10" 1 9/16 $625 A
2710-4 TXL-F 4-piece 2 7' 10" 1 11/16 $625 A
3610-4 TXL-F 4-piece 3 6' 10" 1 9/16 $625 A
3710-4 TXL-F 4-piece 3 7' 10" 1 11/16 $625 A
4610-4 TXL-F 4-piece 4 6' 10" 1 11/16 $625 A
4710-4 TXL-F 4-piece  4 7' 10" 1 15/16 $625 A



Price: $625.00

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