Sage Xi3 Fly Rod

Sage Xi3 Fly Rod at Front Range Anglers

On the flats, blue water or anywhere in between, your first shot is always the best shot. But, as experienced saltwater anglers know, sometimes that first shot means the bonefish you didn’t see until it was right here, and other times it’s an upwind bait ball way out there.

Introducing the new Xi3 Series saltwater fly rods. Through our exclusive SaltH2O Technology, Xi3 rods provide a groundbreaking level of torque and torsion resistance for superior tracking and less wasted energy at all distances. SaltH2O’s unique layer interface and proprietary resin also combine for maximum strength—even in high heat environments—and significantly less weight.

This increased strength comes in handy when you need to lean on powerful saltwater bruisers. Just as importantly, it gives you the backbone to pick up 60 or 70 feet of line on desperate second (and last) chance casts.

Sage's G5 construction adds improved line feel for easier, more intuitive casting, and specialized saltwater-specific components complete the package. In other words, the new Xi3 is everything you need to make that first shot count.

FRA's Review of the Sage Xi3:
Many people have asked what are the improvements from the XI2, here is FRA's take...Components and updated graphite change the looks and positively affect the weight of the XI3. The lighter weight in hand translates to better feel for the caster. The rod loads quickly and identifying the sweet spot while casting a floating line was easy and enjoyable. You get the sense that the XI3 will work equally well with sink tips or full sinking lines. This feel at close to mid-range seems to come without compromising the long-range performance the XI2 was known for. Is this the most versatile saltwater series Sage has ever developed?  We think so.

The Sage Xi3 fly rods come with a lifetime warranty to protect your investment.

** These are floor model/demo rods **
Model Sections Weight Length Rod Weight (oz) Price Reel Seat
690-4 Xi3 4-piece 6 9' 3 5/8 $785 $629 A
790-4 Xi3 4-piece 7 9' 3 3/4 $785 $629 A
890-4 Xi3 4-piece 8 9' 3 7/8 $785 $629 A
990-4 Xi3 4-piece 9 9' 4 $795 $639 A
1090-4 Xi3 4-piece 10 9' 4 3/8 $795 $639 B


Price: $629.00

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