Scientific Anglers Mastery Series Coldwater Redfish Fly Line

Scientific Anglers Coldwater Redfish at Front Range Anglers

The Coldwater Redfish line is the obvious choice for anglers who are looking for the best line for big winter bulls.  A short heavy head loads heavy rods quickly to deliver short accurate casts or long bombs. 

Floating Specialty Taper

  • Designed by professional redfish guides
  • Short front taper and half-heavy head for quick shots at cruising fish
  • Increased running line diameter works great from a boat or wading
  • Looped at both the tip and the running line
  • Warmwater and Coldwater formulations to cover all Redfish environments

 Redfish Coldwater (Weights 7-9)

  • Soft PVC formulation ideal for colder climates (below 70 F)
  • Braided multifilament nylon core maintains line stiffness for better turnover in cold climates
  • SA ID: SA MS RFC WF X F, where X denotes line weight



Redfish Taper

Redfish Chart


Price: $74.95

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