Scientific Anglers Mastery Series VPT Fly Line

Scientific Anglers Mastery Series VPT Fly Line at Front Range Anglers

The VPT Fly line was created for angling situations like we see here in Colorado.  Amazing dry fly on gin clear waters with spooky trout as well as big freestone rivers where catching fish requires nymphing.  This line allows anglers to make long accurate presentations with fine leaders and light flies.  The revolutionary part of this line is that it has some body to it as well.  Meaning that anglers will be able to easily throw dry dropper and full nymph rigs.  It really makes the VPT a revolutionary fly line that can handle all situations with a delicate touch.

For Versatile Presentations 

  • Combines precision and accuracy to deliver flies with the softest presentation
  • Maintains loop control at long distance while still performing at close range.
  • Versatility at its finest
  • Braided multifilament core, low stiffness, moderate delivery
  • SA ID - SA MS VPT WF X F - where X denotes line weight

Willow / Orange / Willow Tip

VPT Taper

VPT Chart



Price: $74.95

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