Scientific Anglers Mastery Textured Series - Magnum - Fly Line

Scientific Anglers Mastery Textured Magnum at Front Range Anglers

Designed for Big Flies
* Turns over poppers, streamers, and split shot with ease
* Texturing technology delivers improved casting, low memory and low tangling
* Half-size heavy for fast action rods
* Braided multifilament core, low stiffness, strong delivery

 The Magnum Series of fly lines are intended to easily cast your big nasties.  So if you are looking for a line to hunt bass, pike, trophy trout or anything where you swim your flies this is your line.  It does not crash on the water, but hurls bait with accuracy and lands softly. 

Water Type Freshwater
Rod Weight 4 weight, 5 weight, 6 weight, 7 weight, 8 weight, 9 weight, 10 weight
Tinsel 15 lbs, 20 lbs, 25 lbs
Featured Technologies AST, SAID, Streamlined Loop
Primary Use Bass, Carp, Muskie, Panfish, Pike, Steelhead, Trout
Product Type Fly Line
Color Mist Green

Mastery Textured Series MagnumMastery Textured Series Magnum Chart

Price: $84.95

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