Scientific Anglers Premium Freshwater/Saltwater Fluorocarbon Tippet

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Tippet Features:
• Patented doubled-structured fluorocarbon is the most advanced in the industry
• Two exclusive fluoro-resins combine for a softer, stronger fluorocarbon material
• Unique combination creates a leader that is harder and more abrasion-resistant on the outside, but with a softer, more supple core that is easier to fish
• 7x – 0x tippet is formulated with a harder, more abrasion-resistant material perfect for bigger fish and harsh environments
• The ultimate in ultra-low visibility — fish can’t see it as easily as they see nylon, so you can use a heavier weight than normal

Length: 25m spools

Size Diameter Average Break Strength
7X 0.004" 2.6 lb
6X 0.005" 3.2 lb
5X 0.006" 4.7 lb
4X 0.007" 6.2 lb
3X 0.008" 7.8 lb
2X 0.009" 9.8 lb
1X 0.010" 11.2 lb
0X 0.011" 12.9 lb


Color Clear Fluorocarbon
Water Type Freshwater, Saltwater
Length 25 meter
Diameter 0.004"-0.011"



Price: $14.99

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