Scientific Anglers Premium Saltwater Tippet

Scientific Anglers Premium Saltwater Tippet  at Front Range Anglers

Tippet Features:

• Special saltwater nylon polymer blend for balanced properties and easy straightening
• Low visibility for wary fish
• Low stretch
• Ultra-high abrasion resistance
• Maximum knot strength while retaining balance of properties
• Very low memory, minimal coiling, easy to straighten
• Exceptional durability
• Provides the optimal transfer of energy from fly line to fly

Size Diameter Max Break Strength Length
8 lb 0.009" 9.0 lb 30m
10 lb 0.011" 11.2 lb 30m
12 lb 0.012" 14.0 lb 30m
16 lb 0.015" 18.5 lb 25m

*Note: All 25m and 30m tippet spools are interlocking and contain a spool tender for easy use.

Color Clear
Water Type Saltwater
Length 25 meter or 30 meter
Diameter 0.009”-0.015"



Price: $4.75

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